Monday, June 7, 2010

Daily Affirmations To Keep Your Thoughts on God's Goodness

I was doing some searching online for affirmations that I could say daily to help keep my thoughts on God's word and his goodness.

During the times that we pray and are waiting on the things prayed for to manifest we may get doubtful if they haven't showed up on OUR time-frame (well I know that I do) these affirmations & statements of gratitude that I have shared with you will help you to keep the negative thoughts out of your mind and continue to focus on the positive. Whenever you feel fear or doubt start creeping up....remind yourself that God is on your side and what you have asked for is already provided.

These affirmations are some that I have come up with and that I have borrowed from others....My hope is that this will help you in your daily life or inspire you to create your own affirmations.

Stay Blessed!

Affirmations/Statements of Gratitude:

The joy of the Lord is my strength

God is my unfailing source & my unlimited supply, I am prosperous

I rejoice that I am successful in all ways

God hears & answers all my prayers bestowing upon me his unfailing love

Abundance, wealth, prosperity, success, true love & greater good comes to me easily & effortlessly now

My good planning & hard work leads to prosperity

I cast down my net of faith & receive your overflowing abundance, father God

I imitate those who through faith & patience inherit what God has promised

My career rewards me with freedom & abundance

I am forever blessed & highly favored

Father God you have begun a good work in me & I know you will bring it to full completion in Jesus name I thank you for this

Thank you for helping me to guard my words & my thoughts so that I do not go against your favor at work in my life

I know the best is yet to come so I thank you for giving me insight & clarity on what I need to do today to get there

I am empowered by you to succeed in everything that I do. I hear from you in specific detail & every word I hear from you empowers me to prosper & excel I know your purpose for me includes total life prosperity

Thank you father for giving abundantly, I receive gratefully & give again generously

Thank you for speaking into my words today, thinking into my thoughts today & working in all my deeds today. I am yours to use today & forever, in Jesus name & so it is

Thank you for filling me with your peace as I stand in faith until I see the victory you have in store for me, in Jesus name

Father God, I am confident I will see your goodness in the land of the living

Today I come to you with an attitude of faith & expectancy. I know that you have good plans for me & my future. I choose to come into agreement with your word. Thank you for hearing my prayers as I wait patiently for you in Jesus name

Thank you for shining your light on the most gifted areas of my life giving me the wisdom & understanding of how to utilize these gifts effectively so that I can fulfill my calling & destiny. Thank you for releasing the creativity that you put in me so that people may be drawn to you through my life

Thank you for giving me an overflow mentality & directing my thoughts toward you. Thank you for teaching me to be a blessing everywhere I go

Thank you for opening up supernatural doors of opportunity & bringing me divine connections. Thank you that I am born to soar & to live a victorious, abundant, & fulfilled life. Thank you for enlarging my territory & blessing me indeed. In Jesus name, I claim it, & receive it

Thank you heavenly father for giving me the power in the words of my mouth. Thank you for helping me to stay tuned into you by listening to my heart & teaching me to use my words to always speak life & bless others. Thank you for filling me you bounty father God, In Jesus name…& so it is Amen

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