Thursday, September 30, 2010

NCADV: Cell Phone Donation Drive

Hey People!

I just wanted to tell you about a great cause that I found out about floating around in my inbox!! Please spread the word. I have an old phone that I need to find so I can donate!!!

Thanks! Stay Blessed

NCADV Cell Phone Donation Drive

Give Them Another Escape Route from Domestic Violence  Donate A Cell Phone

The simple act of donating a cell phone has far reaching benefits for victims of domestic violence and literally helps save hundreds of lives. 

While many donated phones become direct lifelines that enable battered women to connect in times of need, funds from processing donated phones do much, much more. 

Donating your phone enables the NCADV to pay for programs that provide education and career guidance, support and referrals for victims, technical assistance to emergency shelters and programs throughout the U.S. and other innovative programs that address the special needs of battered women across all racial, religious and economic groups.  
By donating a cell phone, you are helping
to make every home a safe home.
Click here to donate a phone
click button to get started

Proceeds from the collection and sale of deactivated cell phones help fund our mission to end violence in the home. The collection of deactivated cell phones for this purpose has literally saved hundreds of lives.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ok… So I wanted to bring to your attention some things that caught my eye in the Metro New York paper.


I’m a huge fan of Gordon Ramsey! I love his show Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon has a good heart and I love the fact that even though he has a take “no prisoners” type attitude he genuinely cares about helping these restaurant owners save their restaurants. Therefore, I’ve seen every episode.
In the Metro, they announced that a body taken from Hudson River on Friday was actually a chef that appeared on Kitchen Nightmares, his name is Joseph Cerniglia. He appeared on the show in 2007, his restaurant Campania was having some difficult times. They are speculating that he may have jumped from the George Washington Bridge. Not good news at all! God bless his family!


So hold on to those iphones!! I don’t have one but I see so many people on the train all into their phones. They’re playing games, watching videos, listening to music…they’re doing everything but paying attention to their surroundings. NYPD says that smart phone theft is the #1 reason for a 15% spike in grand larceny on the subways this year. What these people do is target people that are sitting next to the door. When they are about to get off the train they will snatch the phone and take off running. So all I can say is PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!


Big thing on the news/TV right now is education, education, education! I truly believe that teachers need to be paid more, and the bad teachers need to be dismissed. Mayor Bloomberg has announced plans to get rid of automatic tenure for the city’s teachers. The teachers will have to prove that they have contributed to the progress of the students and the school. I totally agree. Currently in place is the “first in, first out” rule when it comes to layoffs. This means that the most recently hired are the first to go when they have layoffs. (we definitely didn’t have that rule when I got laid off from my last job. People that had been working there for over 20-25 years were let go) Bloomberg wants to get rid of that rule. 

I think that it should be based on merit. Who’s the one helping the students and the school progress and move forward?! Those are the ones who should get tenure. Bloomberg is also implementing a form of compensation that gives master teachers (teachers that mentor others) a 30% raise and a 15% raise for turn-around teachers. We need to get more serious about our education standards and policies. Our children are suffering and ranking in the bottom compared to other countries. Not good! They are our future and we need quality, dedicated teachers to help our kids and they need to be well compensated!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Do It!!!




I have to start being more disciplined. Now that I’m going to be spending at least 10 hours of my day devoted to my “job” (the hours spent getting ready for work, traveling to work, working, and traveling home from work)

Once you get home you only have a few hours left before you are getting ready for bed just to repeat the process all over again the next day. Just imagine if I had kids…claud have mercy!!
If I don’t put myself on a schedule I will procrastinate like it’s nobody’s business!
I’m known for putting stuff off for the next day especially if I know that I can….ha! It’s the “getting started” part that is the hardest…some things I’m just not motivated to do…the best way to get motivated to do something is to just start DOING it!
In order for me to get EVERYTHING done…I need to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Well let’s say “intentions”…I need to put myself on a schedule…maybe even down to the hour.
Sometimes when I get home I say I’m going to check my email….well then I’ll get sidetracked and start doing other things on the net…something will pop up in my mind and I’ll just run with it…next thing I know…its 9pm and my show is coming on…..and I want to watch that but then I also need to cook and do this or do that…
So although I love my TV….I may have to skip some shows sometimes and just catch them over the weekend online or on demand….it depends on what I have to do that day.
I want to start getting in the bed no later than midnight. If I go too early I’ll just wake up in the middle of the night.
So that would leave me a good 5 hours to get things done before bed time. Well that’s if I get home at least by 7pm…if I get home before then, all the better. One mistake I make sometimes is eating right when I get home and then allowing myself to lay down….DON’T LAY DOWN!!
It messes me up every time! Ha!!
So self-discipline Yogi…self-discipline!! I figured I would do all the “internet” type stuff during the weekend i.e. catching up on blogs I follow, doing research, watching movies/shows etc…
Some intentions that I need to be more disciplined about:
  • Editing my poetry book
  • Writing 1 poem per week
  • Beauty/hair regimen
  • Mopping my kitchen floor (every since I was little I have hated mopping…some things never change! I want to do this once a week vs once every 2 weeks. Maybe I should get a Swiffer wet jet vs the wet mopping pads…hmmm)
  • Exercise (I don't need to lose weight I just want to do it because its good to get some type of exercise in. I only plan to workout 2 days a week about 30min a we'll see!)

Anyhoo…set your intentions and stick to them!! If you have to put yourself on a strict schedule to be more productive and to manage your time more efficiently then by all means…do it!!
You’ll be grateful you did!
Stay Blessed


Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Do You Appreciate Today?

Things I'm grateful for today:

The internet
My family, friends, loved ones
the birth of my new cousin Alina
Mongolian Shrimp (so delish)
Reese Cups
the motivation & energy to get much needed things done around the house
a wonderful Sunday

Thank you lord for all these things and the many more blessings you have in store for me and all those that I love!! In Jesus name, Amen!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

creation box: an alternative to the vision board

The Creation Box!! 

Yes! so I’ve found another great idea! 

I made a Vision Board a few months ago…I found some images online since I didn’t have any magazines and I made two boards. I just use some white poster boards and taped the images on there. But around the same time that I made the boards I had someone staying with me so I would just hide them. I didn’t really want everyone being able to see what I had on my board. Needless to say I hardly ever looked at my boards…ha! 

So the other day when I was reading the Brainy Woman’s blog I came across the post about the Creation Box and I thought that is a great idea! It’s just like a Vision Board but its more discreet and smaller and I’m more likely to pull that out and view the contents inside then posting my poster board on my walls. 

photo found on
The creation box is from the teachings of Abraham Hicks, author of Ask & It Is Given. If you want to learn more about the Creation Box click here! 

If you are a fan of Mr. Hicks check out the gifts on

I plan to buy one soon and put the items I intend to have in there. I don't know if I'm going to get the one on cafepress. It's $25 and I think I can easily get a photo box at the a local store or something like some money. You can put whatever you desire….AND BE BOLD!! I’ll post a pic when I do!!

Oh I did see another idea for a box on that site....My God Box
You can make your own or you can buy ones that are already made....this could be very helpful to keep your stress level down & to keep you from worrying about things you can't change or that you have no control over!! I may be making one of these as well! :-)

Remember…..There are no limits!!! Nothing is impossible to those that have faith! Dream Big or Go Home! Ha!!! 

Peace out my people!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

-by andrew giugno
Moving on!! 

I’ve been temping at this job in Brooklyn and since I’ve been here there have been a few farewell celebrations….we’re all just moving on and moving up!! 

It feels nice to be surrounded by people making progress in life and going for what they desire….whether it’s a better environment, more money, stability (if that even exist these days), better hours, shorter commute, whatever it may be…they have found it and I’m very happy for them! 

It’s always sad to say goodbye but it feels so darn good to say HELLO!!! 

Wishing you well ladies!!