Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gratitude Wednesday!

Hi Everyone!!

Your Gratitude Statement for Today: "Father God, thank you for blessing me so that I may be a blessing to others, in Jesus name. Amen"

Stay Blessed My People!!

Much Love, Many Hugs, and Lots of Kisses!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gratitude Wednesday!

Hi Everyone!!

Your Gratitude Statement for Today: "Father God, thank you for helping me to see my obstacles as opportunities and to know that every delay is not a denial, in Jesus name. Amen"

Stay Blessed My People!!

Much Love, Many Hugs, and Lots of Kisses!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What Do You Appreciate Today?!

I appreciate:

  • A wonderful week that I had so far
  • A great night out with friends last night
  • The energy to get up this morning even though I was so sleepy
  • The nice weather we are having today
  • God giving my mom the strength & peace she needs to move on with her life after losing someone very close to us
  • Being in perfect health, living abundantly supplied, and being divinely guided to my promised land
  • The great advice I've received recently regarding my career
  • My desire to change my eating habits to better my body inside & out for the next 40 days
  • God's mercy, grace & favor that He continually bestows upon me
  • Food, shelter, clothing, love, support, trust, loyalty, family, friends, loved ones, 
  • My great relationship that I have with my mom, she's one of my best friends!!! I love that our relationship is so open and free!
  • My great job, co-workers & boss!! Just wanted I asked for (write your intentions down people, it works)
  • My new found love, Peach flavored Green Tea!!

Thank you Lord for all these things, in your son, my savior, Jesus' Name Amen

So....What Do You Appreciate Today?!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Me & My Makeup!!

Well I should actually say me & my eyeshadow. I don't wear foundation, blush, bronzer or any of that stuff. I love me some eyeshadow though..the brighter, bolder the color the better.

So I had to invest in the 120 eyeshadow palette with all the bright and beautiful colors:

I like to match my shadow with my outfits and I love wearing bold colors. Maybe its a southern thing...I don't know...but I love me some color! I bought this palette in 2009, I think, and I've probably only used 5 or so of the colors. Some of the colors I wear often I had individual shadows already so I've been just using those. 

The palette is not small so carrying it around with me to work & so forth, just in case I need to touch up my makeup, was not happening. So yesterday, I went into the dollar store and I bought 4 mini eyeshadow palettes that had a few of the colors that I like to wear on a regular basis. (Yes, I buy cheap makeup...ha!)

For the colors that I wear that are not in the mini palettes my only solution is to load up a sponge tip applicator with my color and put it in a tiny zip lock bag. This way, if needed, I will use the applicator to touch up! That's what I had to do today...I'm sporting green for Saint Patty's Day!! (It's my favorite color too)

I use concealer on my lids to make the color pop & to make the shadow last longer...but the last few days I've been creasing and I'm not sure if it's because I put moisturizer over my lids or not...but I have to pay attention to that....but anyhoo...I got this palette from ebay! It was only $20..and I thought that was a bargain because it last FOREVER!!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In The Midst Of It All

This song by Yolanda Adams just touches my soul!!! (side note: when I was typing Yolanda's last name (Adams) I accidentally typed my last name (Allen)...I've done that before when writing about Ms. Adams lol)

This song is on her Mountain High Valley Low album. I was listening to it this morning on the way to work....if you don't know that I'm talking about here are the lyrics:

This is the truth:
I've come through many hard trials
Through temptations on every hand
Though Satan's tried to stop me
And to place my feet on sinking sand
Through the pain and all of my sorrows
Through tears and all of my fears
The Lord was there to keep me
For He's kept me in the midst of it all
Not because I've been so faithful
Not Because I've always obeyed
It's not because I trusted him
To be with me all of the way
But it's because He loves me so dearly
He was there to answer my call
There always to protect me
For He's kept me in the midst of it all
He's kept me when times were hard and rough
I thought I could do it on my own
But Jesus, He kept me
When I wanted to do wrong, He kept me
When I thought I was going to lose my mind, Jesus kept me
With His power, Jesus kept me
He didn't let me fall, Jesus kept me
Right there in the Midst of it All
I don't know what you're going through
But will you allow me to encourage you?
I know if He did it for me
He will do the same for you
I don't know nobody else
To call on in times of troubles
I tried my mother & I know she loves me
I tried my family & I know they love me
But nobody but Jesus
He held my hand
He brought me through
He wouldn't let me fall
So let me encourage you
Don't give up; Don't give in
I don't care what nobody else say
You can win with Jesus
With Jesus you can make it
Come on and understand
You have everything inside of you to take it!
~Yolanda Adams

I've definitely been kept in the midst of it all...Stay Blessed!!

Gratitude Wednesday!!

Hi Everyone!!

Your Gratitude Statement for Today: "Father God, thank you for the strength to fend off adversity & the ability to use my desire & determination as both weapon & shield, in Jesus name. Amen"

Stay Blessed My People!!

Much Love, Many Hugs, and Lots of Kisses!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

How Big Is Your Dating Box?

I was reading this article about Dating Within A Box and started to big is my Date Box?

Do you have a Date Box?

I think everyone has a Date Box. A Date Box is just your "checklist" of what you prefer in a mate & what you "think" would make the ideal mate for you.

Is your box small with no room for exceptions? Do you have a "range" of what you like? Is your box huge, and you just want whomever wants you?

I have a medium size Date Box, I think. I have a range of what I like physically, I'm open to all races, however, I prefer brown skin men (that leaves me with a multitude of nationalities to choose from :-D)

There are some qualities/characteristics that I do not want to waiver on, and some that I just rearrange on my priority list, for instance, men with kids. I used to not want to date men with kids. But a lot of men that I meet have kids. I dated a guy with a child. Bad experience but I will not let that deter me from dating men with kids in the future. So although I prefer men with no kids, I will waiver on that if he has the other qualities that I seek in a mate.

I don't put a big emphasis on education. You must have a high school diploma and education must be important to you. But I don't have to have a guy that went to college. There are a lot of very successful people in the world that do not have a college degree. 

As far as money is concerned, it is very important. I intend to be a millionaire so this won't be an issue for me but let's just say that I was comfortable living an "ordinary" life, then it would be important that once I got married, I have the option of being a stay at home mom. Not saying that I would, I just want to have the option.  So my husband would need to be able to provide for his family on his income alone. I refuse to go into a marriage where we are living paycheck to paycheck. As the song says, "I can do bad all by myself,  I don't need no help to starve to death." 

Although money is important I've noticed that I hardly ever date men that have white collar jobs. I like blue collar guys, not that I'm not attracted to the "suits". I love creative type guys and I love a guy that's good with his hands. The guys that I've dated since moving to NYC have all had different types of careers. One had his own construction company, one was a chef for a TV show, one was a designer, one was a music producer...they all had something special about them that kept me interested but apparently it wasn't enough ha!!

Even though I'm pretty open, I have my "strong" preferences...and my "must haves". I won't go into my whole check list but two of my "strong" preferences are: 

#1 tall, meaning 6'0 and up....however, my minimum height preference is 5'8. 

#2 Athletic build...No skinny guys for  me (T.I was the exception. I say was because I'm not feeling him right now because he's stupid)....I'm a slim chick, I like to feel protected so I like guys with muscles..not muscle heads can't be too big. 

Some of my "must haves": 

#1 SEX APPEAL!!  If I don't want to have sex with you we can't date! If I don't even have a desire to kiss ain't happening playboy...sorry!

#2 We have to be on the same spiritual level....if you don't believe in God and Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour....we can only be friends! I need to be able to pray with my husband...this is a deal breaker for me.....absolutely!!!

Now some women have the "either-or" syndrome. They think that finding your ideal mate is an "either-or" type situation. You can find a dude who has the looks and not the personality or who has the personality and not the looks. I was just talking to these girls the other day about this. They felt that what if a guy has all the qualities that you are looking for but you have no physical attraction to him, should you date him anyway?! I don't think so. Why would you settle when he's not settling? You are his ideal woman, yet he's not your ideal man...not good! I believe you can have it all! It's no either-or for me. If I have the looks and the personality then I'm sure I can find a man with the looks and the personality!

Women settle a lot more than men in my opinion...and I've spoken on this before.

I think that you should have your standards, and your "strong" preferences as well as your deal breakers but I also feel that your box shouldn't be so small that you limit yourself so much you make finding a mate very difficult. We all like what we like and that's fine....but be more open. Try to go over your checklist and see what things you are willing to waiver on. Have more of a "range" of things you like and maybe give a person you wouldn't normally date a chance to see how things go. You'll usually know after the 1st or 2nd date whether or not you want to "deal" with that person.

Maybe I should try dating lawyers, bankers and what not....honestly when I hear those job titles I automatically think---BORING--ha!! But maybe I'll meet the one lawyer or finance dude that's a blast to be around and not so stiff...I have a lot of different interests and tastes...I'm attracted to so many different will be very easy to find something that tickles my fancy!

All in All stay true to yourself...don't date a dude just because he's nice...he's suppose to be nice!! Don't date a dude you're not attracted to just because you think he'll treat you can find a dude that you are totally attracted to and compatible with on all levels that will also treat you right.

It may take you longer to find what you are looking for but trust me, you'll be grateful that you waited for the "right one" vs. settling for the "okay one" and being miserable later on down the road.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Heart Bruce Lee!

So I'm friends with the actor Michael Jai White (on facebook! I'm sure we'll be friends in person once we meet ;-D) and I have to tell you guys....that man turns me on when I watch him fight. I was looking through his pics and there was one when he was younger with his big afro, and on the wall was a poster of Bruce Lee!

Seeing that poster reminded me of how much I love me some Bruce Lee! That dude is one sexy man! I love watching him move! He's tiny but wow, I would've dated Bruce in a heart beat....

His son Brandon was just as cute...I have a crush on him too!

Speaking of asian dudes...I did see one guy that I thought was cute at the speed dating event that I went to on Saturday. When I first saw him the thing that stood out the most was his smile. My friend and I were in a booth, her side was #37 and my side was #38. So I was able to check out the dudes before they sat at my side of the table.

When he sat down beside me I noticed that he had very radiant skin, and was well groomed. So I decided to put a 'yes' by his name. By the end of the night I had decided that was not going to enter any selections on the website. Even though I thought he was cute, I was willing to pass on him because at the end of the event, when everyone was standing around and mingling, he didn't come to chat with me. But then, Monday night I was like, what the hell, so I entered my selections and immediately I got an email that me and the asian dude matched! So we'll see if we go out on a real date....I'll keep you posted!

Gratitude Wednesday!

Hi Everyone!!

Your Gratitude Statement for Today: "Father God, thank you for being for me. I know that if you are for me no one can be against me. I know you are working things together for my good, thank you, in Jesus name. Amen"

Stay Blessed My People!!

Much Love, Many Hugs, and Lots of Kisses!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stop Spam With Disposable Emails!

Did you know that there was such thing as disposable emails? Well if you did, then you got one over on me because I just found out about them about a month or two ago. I just used the service the other day for the first time. There is this website called that has everybody's contact information on it. Only a few bits of information is available for free, you have to pay to get the rest of the info. You can remove any of the listings they may have for you, your family members, etc. You have to request the removal via email. However, they only allow you to use the same email maybe twice. So I was trying to remove all the listings they had for me, my mom, and brother, but they wouldn't let me use the email addresses I had previously used. So I came across 10 Minute Mail.

10 Minute Mail allows you to create an email address that you could use for instances where you do not want to give out your real email address. The email address they give to you expires in 10 minutes. Here's how it works:

You go onto 10 Minute Mail, they give you an email address, you use it and then the mail that is sent to that email address will appear on the home page's inbox. You can view and respond to the email that you received as you would if you were using yahoo or gmail. Remember, you have to make sure that you will not need to have access to this email address & inbox longer than 10 minutes!

I tried two other sites, but 10 Minute Mail was the only one that Spokeo would accept as a valid email address.

There are some out there that last longer than 10 minutes...just google around and I'm sure you can find others.

Keep it in mind if you ever need a temporary email address!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau: Do We Have Free Will?

I watched the movie The Adjustment Bureau at a free screening last Tuesday. It was basically about our free will and an already written out plan for our lives.

I then received an email from Joel Osteen and his message that day was about God's plan for us. Here is an excerpt:

“Those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness”
(Proverbs 14:22b, NIV)

"The scripture doesn’t say, “Plan for good as long as the economy is booming.” It doesn’t say, “Plan for good as long as the housing market is strong.” It doesn’t say, “Plan for good as long as you aren’t facing any adversity.” No, we can plan for good because we serve a God who is good, and He is ready, willing and able to bring us through any adversity we face! Boldly plan for good today and watch God show up in the midst of your plans!"-Joel Osteen

Now my opinion about the whole Free Will vs Fate thing. I believe that God has a plan for all of us. And the plan consist of all good things. I believe that we go through tough times and trials to make us stronger and more prepared to handle the good and/or appreciate the good more when it does come into our life. I also believe we go through trials in order to draw us closer to God. By that I mean, some people tend to only seek Him when they are in need, and they tend to not give God that much attention when things are going well in their life. We have to give Him praise FOR ALL THINGS!!

I believe that there is a Divine plan with multiple outcomes. Your final destination is the promised land where you live abundantly. Abundance is our birthright. There are multiple outcomes based on what decisions we make.

The free will we have is basically our choice to serve God or not. Our free will is our choice to do good things or bad.

So yes there is a Divine Plan but we are also in charge of our own destiny. We are co-creators with our Father who lives inside of us. Depending on our choices in life we either walk the divine path to our promised land (with divine guidance & wisdom) or we walk our own path and either live a life of destruction or live a life that's less than fulfilling.

So when we ask for God's will to be done, we are simply asking for divine guidance and intelligence to make the right decisions because we know that His will for us is all good. His will for His children is one of abundance, peace, prosperity, wealth, perfect health and love. His way is the best way! His way is the perfect way!

We have the free will to choose whether or not to trust God and to put our trust in God! And I choose Him! I have an outline of what I plan to do with my life but I ask for God's guidance because I know whatever His divine plan is for me is what will make me the most fulfilled.

We only see half the picture, He sees the whole thing! Shoot He wrote the book, so of course He knows how the story ends! :-D

Stay Blessed my people and know that God only wants good things for you! Remember to praise Him through the storm and the sunny days! Keep your mind on Him and stay in gratitude!

God is a faithful God, he delights in our prosperity, He loves us unconditionally and He wants the best for us. Accept the victories that He has planned for you, no matter how hard the path may seem. In the end, we shall all be victorious, because we are children of the Most High!!

Father in heaven, thank You for the good plan You have for my life. I choose Your plan and ask that You direct my mind and thoughts according to Your purposes. Fill me with Your peace and joy. I set my mind on You and boldly embrace the good things You have for me today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
— Joel & Victoria Osteen

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Speed Dating Marathon-50 First Dates!!!

photo by



So I went to a speed dating event on Saturday hosted by NYEasyDates! This was called a speed dating marathon! I had 50 2 minute dates!!

YES....I SAID 50!!!

It was interesting...I didn't really meet anyone that I was drooling over...but there were a lot of NY Transplants...people from different countries that have decided to make NY their home for whatever reason. The venue was very nice and very accommodating for this large event, M1-5 Bar. That was my first time there. We were given a free drink (well drinks only) and free appetizers which were absolutely delish!

After the event I did exchange numbers with a guy that I met that actually lives in my neighborhood and is a freelance video editor. So that will definitely be helpful for when I start getting into my career. So maybe that was the sole reason for me attending the event, who knows what knowing this guy can lead to, professionally!

All in all it was a good Saturday night...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Change Your Life In 5 Minutes A Day!

Proverbs 18:21 says, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (NIV). 

I received an email the other day from Joel Osteen that ties in perfect with what I've been talking about recently on my blog. Joel has this 31-day audio devotional called I Declare: Proclaiming the Promises of God Over Your Life. 

He suggest spending 5 minutes every day proclaiming God's promises over your life in order to change your life. If you speak favor over your life, and believe God's word will not come back to Him void, then the words you speak will come to pass.

I love Joel Osteen Ministries. This is currently my spiritual storehouse. 

I plan to get this dvd for my mom and brother as well. I encourage you to try it out!! It couldn't hurt. 

To learn more about I Declare please click here!

You have a choice everyday to speak life or death into your situation and circumstances!!


You'll be grateful you did!!

Stay Blessed Playmates!!

Until Next Time...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 Ways To Make Affirmations Work For You!

In my last post I said that I would give you some suggestions on what you can do to help you to bypass the mental war that some of us have when we try to change our thought patterns by using affirmations.

Here are 5 ways I think may help to make using affirmations easier for you:

#1 Use Gratitude Statements

We've all heard the statement, "I'll believe it when I see it" well, we must do the opposite when we are expecting to manifest God's promises for us. Believing is seeing! Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mk 11:22, 24) 

Now with affirmations you have to believe that what you desire is possible despite current circumstances or what your reality tells you, and you have to feel as if what you desire is already received. Gratitude helps you with the "feeling" part. When you thank God (or the Universe, Subconscious Mind, etc) you are believing that what you desire is already being fulfilled. It helps to combat that negative voice when you say, "Thank you Lord that I am healthier every day. Thank you that my body is renewed and restored. You created me so you know exactly how to make me whole"; versus just repeating the phrase, "I am healthy"; especially if you are in pain or you just got those test results that say differently. 

Gratitude statements reinforces your belief in God as your ultimate Source and Supply, to take care of you, to provide for all your needs and fulfill your heart's desires; and it just feels GOOD!! (well at least it does to me!)

#2 Use Questions instead of Statements

Sometimes our mind respond better to questions vs. statements because our mind is a problem solver naturally. If someone asks you a question our mind automatically go searching for the answer. When you make statements such as "I am wealthy" or "I am now skinny", your mind shouts back at you with statements like "You are not wealthy, you are in debt" or  "you are over weight, your diets never work", etc. So to keep that from happening, or at least minimize the chance of that happening, you should ask yourself questions incorporating what it is that you desire. 

For instance you would say, "Why I am so physically fit?" or "Why am I am my ideal weight?" or "Why is it so easy for me to drop these 15 pounds?" Asking yourself questions will send your mind in search for the answer. What you focus on appears in your reality. So if your mind is focused on answering the question of "Why is it so easy for me to drop these 15 pounds?" then you will soon find the answer. Noah St. John calls this method the Afformation Method, you can find out more here

#3 Use Keywords 

So everyone desires wealth, abundance, perfect health, true love, prosperity...all of the great things in life. Well if you would spend time just focusing on those keywords then you will eventually manifest those specific things into your life. God delights in our prosperity and only wants the best for us. He wants us to live a life of abundance. Abundance is our birthright. So every morning, throughout the day, and at night, affirm with faith and expectancy, keywords of the things you desire most in your life. 

If you are constantly repeating to yourself these words, especially when doubt, fear or any negative thoughts or emotions rear its ugly head, your mind will not fight you on this. If you want beautiful clear skin you come up with keywords that you would use to describe that "idea of beauty" to you. For example, divine beauty, flawless, radiant, beautiful, even toned, blemish-free...those are words that I would immediately associate with beautiful, clear skin. You may like to consider all encompassing keywords like, divine beauty, divine guidance, perfect health, harmonic wealth, financially independent etc.

#4 Use specific phrases and change the wording to "I intend" vs "I am"

Make sure that your affirmations are specific. You may say, "I am getting better and better everyday"...but you're getting better everyday in what exactly? Better at being late for work, better at smoking more cigarettes a day...what are you getting better in? Try something like, "Every day I take one step closer to achieving my ultimate goals" or "Every day I am one step closer to being smoke free." These statements are now specific and action oriented.

So if saying  "I am __________" is hard for you to believe, then let's switch it up a little bit. Let's use "I intend" or "I choose" instead. For example, I intend to be wealthy, I choose wealth, I intend to take the necessary steps daily to gain wealth, I intend to live a wealthy lifestyle.

#5 Use the 3rd Person Subconscious Truth Verifier

You're probably like what in the world is that?! ha!! 

To be honest with you I often talk to myself in 3rd person...I don't know why...that's just the way I am. Anyway, I was reading online about the "3-Person Subconscious Truth-Verifier" concept.  This concept tells you to state your affirmations in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person all at once.

For example:

"Every day I take one step closer to achieving my ultimate goals"

"Every day you take one step closer to achieving your ultimate goals"

"Every day Yogi takes one step closer to achieving her ultimate goals"

Here's the reason this is helpful:

"One, when you state the affirmation in the 1st person, you are affirming something which you yourself know to be true.

Two, when you state the affirmation in the 2nd person, you are feeding that part of your mind which needs outside opinion to help form what you see yourself as. A part of us needs someone to verify our worth, to praise us, to confirm outside what we believe inside. This helps to fill that need.

Three, when you state the affirmation in the 3rd person, you are also still feeding that need mentioned above, but taken to another level. This time, it's as if we are eavesdropping on other people's opinions about us."

So there you have it folks!!! I hope this post was helpful to you....please let me know if you decide to read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy and also let me know if any of these suggestions worked for you!

God Bless!!