Sunday, March 6, 2011

Speed Dating Marathon-50 First Dates!!!

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So I went to a speed dating event on Saturday hosted by NYEasyDates! This was called a speed dating marathon! I had 50 2 minute dates!!

YES....I SAID 50!!!

It was interesting...I didn't really meet anyone that I was drooling over...but there were a lot of NY Transplants...people from different countries that have decided to make NY their home for whatever reason. The venue was very nice and very accommodating for this large event, M1-5 Bar. That was my first time there. We were given a free drink (well drinks only) and free appetizers which were absolutely delish!

After the event I did exchange numbers with a guy that I met that actually lives in my neighborhood and is a freelance video editor. So that will definitely be helpful for when I start getting into my career. So maybe that was the sole reason for me attending the event, who knows what knowing this guy can lead to, professionally!

All in all it was a good Saturday night...


  1. Wow - I think I would of been exhausted at the end of all those 2 minute chats but it sounds like you had fun. Isn't that the main point of it all :)

    I'm intrigued to know what happens next with the FVE, I do hope you get to blog it :)

  2. Sounds like fun.. I've always wanted to try this just for the experience

  3. Good for you, Yolanda.See the positive in every situation,great post.

  4. I met a match with someone who I thought was totally my type! I'm so pleased with everything about Your speedDating, I totally recommend it to everyone.
    I met nice, attractive women. Didn't have to ask for any numbers, that was definitely a plus.

  5. glad you had a wonderful experience!!! :-D