Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Heart Bruce Lee!

So I'm friends with the actor Michael Jai White (on facebook! I'm sure we'll be friends in person once we meet ;-D) and I have to tell you guys....that man turns me on when I watch him fight. I was looking through his pics and there was one when he was younger with his big afro, and on the wall was a poster of Bruce Lee!

Seeing that poster reminded me of how much I love me some Bruce Lee! That dude is one sexy man! I love watching him move! He's tiny but wow, I would've dated Bruce in a heart beat....

His son Brandon was just as cute...I have a crush on him too!

Speaking of asian dudes...I did see one guy that I thought was cute at the speed dating event that I went to on Saturday. When I first saw him the thing that stood out the most was his smile. My friend and I were in a booth, her side was #37 and my side was #38. So I was able to check out the dudes before they sat at my side of the table.

When he sat down beside me I noticed that he had very radiant skin, and was well groomed. So I decided to put a 'yes' by his name. By the end of the night I had decided that was not going to enter any selections on the website. Even though I thought he was cute, I was willing to pass on him because at the end of the event, when everyone was standing around and mingling, he didn't come to chat with me. But then, Monday night I was like, what the hell, so I entered my selections and immediately I got an email that me and the asian dude matched! So we'll see if we go out on a real date....I'll keep you posted!


  1. speed dating??? Really are things that bad out there for young women??
    Damn thats sad.

    Hope all goes well with the Bruce Lee clone lol

  2. I wouldn't consider speed dating an option for the hopeless Jim ha!! Speed dating is just another way to meet people just like online dating. It's been around for a very long time, it's nothing new. People are just more willing to step out the box when it comes to meeting new people. I met 50 people on Saturday that I would not normally come in contact with on a regular day! It's fun!!!

  3. You are right. Do what you like.