Friday, March 18, 2011

What Do You Appreciate Today?!

I appreciate:

  • A wonderful week that I had so far
  • A great night out with friends last night
  • The energy to get up this morning even though I was so sleepy
  • The nice weather we are having today
  • God giving my mom the strength & peace she needs to move on with her life after losing someone very close to us
  • Being in perfect health, living abundantly supplied, and being divinely guided to my promised land
  • The great advice I've received recently regarding my career
  • My desire to change my eating habits to better my body inside & out for the next 40 days
  • God's mercy, grace & favor that He continually bestows upon me
  • Food, shelter, clothing, love, support, trust, loyalty, family, friends, loved ones, 
  • My great relationship that I have with my mom, she's one of my best friends!!! I love that our relationship is so open and free!
  • My great job, co-workers & boss!! Just wanted I asked for (write your intentions down people, it works)
  • My new found love, Peach flavored Green Tea!!

Thank you Lord for all these things, in your son, my savior, Jesus' Name Amen

So....What Do You Appreciate Today?!


  1. I used to make fun of my grandmother (behind her back) when I was younger when she used to thank God for getting her out of bed in the morning. But really, that is the greatest gift we can receive because with each new day is a new possibility. So I'm happy for that, and the spring-like weather we had today, too!