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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are You A Product Junkie?!!

Are you a product junkie with too many darn products that you don't like and would like to get rid of?

If you have nearly newly and/or gently used hair products that you would like to sell or buy...

Then you may want to head over to Lola's Green Hair!!

Lola's Green Hair....Your Number 1 Source for Buying & Selling Gently Used Hair Products!!

I found out about this site from Black Girl With Long Hair

I'm not a product junkie anymore....I keep my products down to a minimum....but I do think that this is a great resource to check it out!! Let me know what you think about it!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gratitude Wednesday!

Hi Everyone!!

Your Gratitude Statement for Today: "Father God, thank you for filling me with your peace and wisdom today, in Jesus name. Amen"

Stay Blessed My People!!

Much Love, Many Hugs, and Lots of Kisses!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Use Your Words To CHANGE Your Situation!

Prayer for today by Joel Osteen:

"Father God, today I choose to look through my eyes of faith and call things that are not as though they are. I declare victory over every area of my life no matter what is happening around me. Thank You for the gift of faith. In Jesus’ Name. Amen."

"Look through your eyes of faith and call it like you see it. Don’t use your words to talk about your situation; use your words to change your situation. Keep speaking words of faith, keep praying, keep believing and keep moving forward into 
the bright future He has for you!"-Joel Osteen

Stay Blessed My Lovelies!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Do You Appreciate Today?!

I appreciate:

  • Arthur on the Biggest Loser losing 20lbs!! I screamed and cried! Finally....he's dropping the pounds like he should be!!! Go Head Arthur!!
  • The book The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy (and the pdf of it that I found on the net to share with family and friends)
  • My blog and readers!
  • I'm grateful in advance for the motivation and energy to exercise and keep up my daily routine (I've been a slacker this week, just no energy & I don't know why :-/)
  • Life and God's loving mercy and grace!
  • Today was a decent day as far as weather is concerned
  • I'm grateful in advance for the ability to get out of bed on time in the mornings so I can be on time for work.
  • Clothes, shoes, shelter, food, heat when its cold, cool air when its hot shower this morning in clean water!

Thank you Lord for all things seen and unseen!!

In Jesus Name, Amen

What do you appreciate?!

Stay Blessed!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gratitude Wednesday!!

Hi Everyone!!

Your Gratitude Statement for Today: "Father God, thank you for delighting in my prosperity and only wanting the best for me, in Jesus name. Amen"

Stay Blessed My People!!

Much Love, Many Hugs, and Lots of Kisses!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Saying GOODBYE To Cable!!! I decided over the weekend that I am saying goodbye to cable! *tears, tears, and more tears

My cable went out on me for like 40 minutes or so Saturday night.....and this happens more often than it should, not for that long of a time still happens.

I currently have the Internet/cable bundle with Time Warner. Up until September of last year (or 2009) I was paying less than a $100 for this. That promotion ended so my bill kept increasing on a monthly basis. It went from $98 to $105 to a whopping $120/mo!

So I called Time Warner Saturday night when my cable went out; while I was on the phone with them I mentioned that I may be letting cable go altogether. They offered to lower my current package down to $105. Then they told me if I downgrade to basic cable with the Internet it could be approximately $85-90/mo. With only Internet its approximately $50/mo.

After thinking about this for a short period of time, I told them to come pick up the box! So on Jan. 26th I will let my cable go!

I haven't been without cable in 9 years!! So how will this affect me?

Well for the most part, a lot of my TV shows that I MUST SEE come on the regular channels like CBS, NBC, ABC...and I can find them online. I already watch my movies online....and since a lot of my shows come on the same day at the same time I was watching them a day or so late won't be that much of a difference.

Recently I've been watching TV in the mornings to watch The Early Show on Channel 2 just to get weather updates and see what they are talking about. But I'm not a news watcher and I'm not a sports watcher. 

I was thinking of getting a Netflix account again. I was a Netflixer back a few years ago...and I liked them. They now have the Watch Instantly thing going on with movies and TV shows. You can stream on your PC/Mac or on your TV through a certain device like your gaming console, Roku, Blu Ray Player etc. 

I just read about the Roku thing over the weekend. It's not that expensive to get. I don't mind looking at movies & shows on my computer monitor but if I can watch on the TV screen that's great! The Roku has other channels too that can be added to the channel store. For hard to find shows on the Internet, I may get a subscription package to Netflix that includes DVD rental as well as the watch instantly feature; its just $2 more.

I haven't decided just yet how I'm going to handle all this. Netflix will definitely come in handy for catching up on past seasons of a particular show that may not be available online. For instance, I've been trying to watch the first season of Justified. I've found videos but with free content comes complications like the dreaded buffering! So sometimes its just not worth trying to watch the movie or show if it's going to buffer every 5 Netflix would be good for that.

So the main reason I'm saying goodbye to cable...MONEY!

Going with the Internet only plan and a Netflix subscription would probably cost me about $50-55/mo. If I do decide to get the Roku later that could cost about $60-100 (but its a one time fee).

Yes, I can afford to continue to pay $120....but why? Saving $70 a month will do me good. I've already found another place where that money can go! ha! 

So we'll see how this goes....Sunday I kept my TV off all day (trying to prepare myself)....I only turned it on at 10p to watch the reunion of the Atlanta Housewives.

I'll keep you posted.....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine, Smalentine!!!

It's Valentine's Day!!!

Who cares right?!

Ha!! :-D

I don't normally celebrate V-Day....back in high school, and I think some of college, my mom was always my I got older sometimes I would want to have a Valentine and sometimes I just really didn't care. 

The times that I actually had a Valentine was so not good Valentine Days for me!! I probably would have had more fun hanging out with my girls versus hanging out with those dudes! ha!

But whether you love it or hate can't really get away from

Happy V-Day Playmates!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Diet Soda Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Attacks & Stroke!

photo from 

I'm not a diet soda drinker....I hardly drink soda...but if I do...darn sho don't pick up the diet ones....hate the way it taste. My mom is a soda drinker....she has switched to diet when I heard them talking about this on the news...I was paying close attention.

Studies suggest that diet soda could cause heart disease and/or stroke in those that drink it on a regular basis, i.e. everyday. 

Columbia Univ. and the Univ. of Miami did a study in which Dr. Mitchell Elkind was one of the lead researchers of the study.
“What our study shows is that drinking diet soda may be associated with an increased risk of vascular events, by which we mean strokes, heart attacks, and other causes of death that can be due to vascular disease,” Dr. Elkind said.
The nine-year study involved more than 2,500 people of different ethnicities in northern Manhattan. The study found that those who drank diet soda every day had a 61 percent higher risk of crippling diseases like stroke or heart disease. (info from CBS News New York)
To read more about the study and the risks please visit CBS News New York.
My mom drinks this stuff every day...maybe two or three a day....they suggest that diet soda may be more dangerous than regular soda....
SO ladies and gents, you may wnat to cut back on your soda intake and try to increase your water intake. Even though I don't really drink soda...I still need to work on increasing my water intake. I can sit around for hours and not drink a drop of ANYTHING....sometimes I have to consciously make myself drink water...
We have to do better y'all...Our health depends on it!!
Stay Blessed!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

He's Sorry He Got CAUGHT!!!

(Left: AP Photo/David Duprey, File) (Right:This undated photo provided by Gawker shows Rep. Chris Lee, R-N.Y., posing shirtless in front of a mirror. (AP Photo/Gawker)

So I'm watching the news (I have it on in the mornings before work to see what the weather is doing) and they were talking about Buffalo Congressman, Christopher Lee, sending out this half naked photo to some chick on craigslist! WTH?!

First off, you're married? You shouldn't be scouting out women on craigslist.

Second, why would you send a pic of your face? You're a congressman! 

Third, you're married? You shouldn't be scouting out other women PERIOD!!

He lied about being married, he, allegedly, described himself as being  “a very fit, fun, classy guy’ — who promises “not to disappoint.” The pic was posted on a website called I guess he just got to the point where he just didn't give a damn....but ask him and he says, “it’s been a tremendous honor to serve the people of western New York. I regret the harm that my actions have caused my family, my staff and my constituents.”


You're not sorry that you did it, Congressman Lee.....YOU'RE SORRY YOU GOT CAUGHT!!

But you did send a pic with your face so............maybe you wanted to get caught!!


What Do You Appreciate Today?!

Happy Friday Playmates!!

Thanks for stopping by Yogi's Playground today!!

So let's get this show on the road!

I appreciate:

  • God's love mercy and grace
  • God's divine guidance and connections
  • God placing the right people along my path to show favor upon me
  • The new insight I have regarding my career path
  • The motivation I have for improving my health and life in general
  • A newly found site that show trailers for upcoming movies for the whole year (I'm a movie buff so I like to keep a list of movies to watch whenever I see previews so I won't forget about them)
  • Music & my iPod....(keeps me entertained on those train rides)
  • My family, friends, and loved ones
  • My wonderful and secure job with my great boss and co-workers
  • That today is FRIDAY....I am excited to be able to take a nap when I get home if I want to....ha! (the simple things in life are just so grand sometimes ha!)
  • My discipline to save the amount that I intended to save this month
  • Shelter, food, heat, clothing, the comfort and peace that I have knowing that I always have someone watching over me, keeping me from harm and danger, uplifting me and keeping me in His grace so that I will continue to prosper and live a life of abundance
  • A voice, online and offline, to spread God's word and love so that others may be blessed and encouraged to live a better life through Him and with Him

In Jesus Name, Thank You Lord...Amen!

What do you appreciate today?

Stay Blessed Lovelies!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gratitude Wednesday!!

Hi Everyone!!

Your Gratitude Statement for Today: "Father God, thank you for giving abundantly, I receive gratefully, and give again generously, in Jesus name. Amen"

Stay Blessed My People!!

Much Love, Many Hugs, and Lots of Kisses!!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

God Gives Us Power To Get Wealth

This message came to me today from Joel Osteen:

“And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth...”
(Deuteronomy 8:18, NKJ)

God wants to do something great in and through you! He has promises and blessings in store for you that you haven’t even thought of yet. The Scripture tells us that He gives us power to gain wealth. Wealth is simply having abundance. God wants you to live in abundance so that He can use you to be a blessing to others. When we are willing and obedient, we open the door to His promises. In other words, when we live in excellence and integrity, when we follow the Word of God, we will walk in His blessing. Like a tree planted by the water, your leaf will not wither because you are connected to an unlimited supply line.
Notice one more thing about this verse: it says that “He gives us the power to get wealth.” See, God gives us the ability. He gives us creative ideas and inventions, but we have to be diligent and do our part and step out and use what He’s given us. We have to sow seed in order to see the harvest that He has promised. Receive His power today and choose a life of integrity so that you can move forward into the abundant life He has prepared for you.


Heavenly Father, thank You for giving me the power to live in abundance. I choose to be faithful to You and to Your Word. I choose to diligently follow Your commands and ask that You bless everything I set my hands to. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Speed Dating Part 3!

Hey y' I was going to make a video blog but...I just wasn't up to it once I got home from work yesterday!

So I went to a speed dating event hosted by Moca Speed Connections. I was not impressed. There were 15 women and 7 men! WHO DOES THAT?!!! That event should have been canceled! The host said that men registered but they were a no show....I don't know how true that is....I mean I guess there are people out there that pay for things and then don't show up! If you got money to waste....then why not..right?!

Anyway, I won't be going to any more of their events especially if I have to pay for it!

I did meet a cool dude, well he seems cool ha! He goes to a lot cultural type events in Brooklyn so I'll definitely try to keep in touch with him for that reason. I don't hang out in Brooklyn too much so that would be a nice change of scenery for me!

Anyhoo...Most likely I will go to some more events later on in the month!

I will keep you posted!!

Gratitude Wednesday!

Hi Everyone!!

Your Gratitude Statement for Today: "Father God, I know the best is yet to come so I thank you for giving me insight & clarity on what I need to do today to get there, in Jesus name. Amen"

Stay Blessed My People!!

Much Love, Many Hugs, and Lots of Kisses!!





Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Tuesday! My New Fan Page!!

Hey there!!

Good morning!

Briefly wanted to say hello and tell you about my fan page!!

Check it out and LIKE me! lol

Take it easy!! I'll be back later with some dish on my experience last night at another Speed Dating event....

I may do a V-Log!! ooohhh exciting!!