Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Release: Mr. Yummy Chocolate Season One

Hey Peeps!!

So I finally got finished with my 4 part Romance Serial....whew! lot of writing and revising but it's here!

Details below!
Stay Blessed..Stay Tuned

Title: Mr. Yummy Chocolate 
Genre: Contemporary Friends With Benefits Romance Serial 
Location: New York 
Running Time: 4 Novellas approx. 30K words each 
*Please note that this story is a serial that unfolds over the course of four books, released every two weeks. 

Warning: For Mature Audiences Only, 18+, Strong language and sexual content!

If you love Romance with a little dash of Drama, then you'll love this serial!!


Veronica Strum, a sassy lingerie boutique owner and happily single
Ty Clayton, an irresistibly charming PR exec and self-proclaimed player

"I know that he's trouble. Trouble wrapped in delicious well-sculpted chocolate. He had ignited a lust inside of me that I hadn't felt in a very long time but I did the right thing by not giving him my number. Judging by the envious eyes watching us at his office, I'm pretty sure he has more women than he can count. And I don't need that headache." ~ Veronica 

"I can tell by the way that she'd looked at me that she is just as attracted to me as I am to her, but for some reason she wasn't ready to give me a chance. She has a wall built up. If there is one thing that I'm very good at that is being patient. It won't be long before her wall crumbles and I'll be right there to help her step over the rubble into my waiting bed." 
~ Ty