Wednesday, October 5, 2011

4 Month Health Challenge

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Hey People!!!

Long time no hear!! 

So I'm putting myself on a 4 month challenge to better health & clearer skin!! I've always had a minor skin issue, so my face has never been clear of bumps (from what I can remember) maybe it would be classified as a mild case of acne. I have extremely oily skin which is an advantage (I age more gracefully) and a disadvantage (get too shiney) and all these years I was thinking my face is extremely sensitive to commercial products. Well now for the past few months I've been researching more about the link between nutrition and acne. Especially since I don't use anything but natural products on my face & still get the breakouts here & there. I've been trying to start this "clean" eating habit (I won't use the word diet) for a few months but I keep putting it off for one reason or another.

The guideline to this "clean" eating challenge is inspired by the Paleo Diet

For my challenge:

No Dairy (non whatsoever I think, actually sorta know, this is a culprit...its hard to accept because I LOVE CHEESE)
No Soy (I have a few bottles of my favorite salad dressing that has soybean oil in that expires in Dec. so I'll be using that up before going completely soy free)
No Grains (I love me some rice but for this challenge, which is not that hard to give up actually, I won't be eating it, along with other grains including another favorite of mine CORN! So little to no high fructose corn syrup which is in EVERYTHING)
No Nuts (its one of the top food sensitivities and I'm not sure if I'm sensitive but thought I would cover all the bases, I just got into coconut based products but as of yesterday, I will be cutting that down too. I read online that people who are sensitive/allergic to nuts may have a reaction to coconuts as well)
No Legumes/Beans (so there goes my love for peanut butter! I may sneak in some baked beans here & there if there is no high fructose corn syrup in them & field peas here & there)
Little to no processed/refined/ fried foods
Little to no high sugar foods (not a lot of fruit juice, or table sugar, so most of the things I consume will be labeled "no sugar added")
Little to no sodium (I hardly ever had table salt to my food, and I now purchase "no salt added" veggies if I buy in the can)

So this may seem like A LOT of restrictions but it is necessary for me to figure out what is triggering my breakouts. Note: FOOD DOES NOT CAUSE ACNE BUT IF YOU ARE ACNE PRONE IT CAN TRIGGER A REACTION

At the end of the challenge I will slowly re-introduce foods/ingredients back into my diet one at a time to see how I react that way I will know EXACTLY what my "trigger" food is!! I will post weekly updates of my progress!!

Side Note: I'm currently working on my health & wellness business. I'll keep you posted about that....I'm still in the development stages so there's nothing to really discuss yet :-)

Stay Blessed!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long Time No Hear!!!

So it's been a minute since I've last posted....just been going on a roller-coaster ride of emotions lately....trying to figure out what EXACTLY I want in life....making a plan....scratching out that plan to make a new plan....thinking I have found the answer to the question just to find out that that answer produce a whole 'nother's just been crazy over here in Yogi's World....let me tell ya....

Although I still haven't COMPLETELY figured out how I'm getting to my destination....I've somewhat figured out what that destination is....

I do plan to keep you guys in the loop as I embark on this Journey of mine....I do know that I first have to get CLEAR about what it is I want to do, where it is I want to be, and then plan to take the steps needed to get there!!

I have to ask myself...Yogi, what is your IDEAL LIFESTYLE?

And once I figure out what it is....I mean down to the minor details i.e. how many hours I intend to work per day, how much money I intend to make per hour, etc.....I can achieve it!!

Envision it, believe it, SPEAK it, accept it as if it's already given, take the necessary steps to achieve it....and it will manifest!!!

Off to Design My Ideal Lifestyle!!

Until next time...............

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Make It Happen!!

Just wanted to share a note with you today!!

Wes Hopper's message today, from Daily Gratitude, was about making things happen! Not just thinking about what you want to do, and wishing hard that it comes true but actually BELIEVING it will come true and taking the necessary steps that you would take if that said thing DID come true!

He can explain it better than I ha! Take a look:

"The thing always happens that you
really believe in; and the belief in a
thing makes it happen."
              Frank Lloyd Wright
There is probably no concept more
misunderstood than the one in the
quote above.

If you see it in the magical "Law of
Attraction" fashion, you'll be thinking
really, really hard and believing really
strongly (can't you feel the effort?)
and waiting for it to manifest in front
of you.

You'll be waiting a long, long time.

And many people do that, and get
very discouraged. But they make a
very common mistake - wishing for
something really bad and thinking
that's the same as believing.

Look at the second part of the quote.
That's the key. The "belief in a thing
makes it happen." What does that

It means that you're taking the actions
you would take if it was going to

If I believed that I was going to a
conference in Chicago, I would block
out my schedule, get plane tickets
and hotel reservations.

The first time I did a live seminar I
went and rented a conference room
before I even advertised it. Then I
got the participants.

When we moved last fall my wife
believed that she would get the right
and perfect job here. So she quit her
job and we moved. In five days she
had the job, thanks to a personal
introduction from one of our new

Do you see what I'm saying? You
can tell if you really believe something
by the way you act.

You act as if it were true. That's why
the quote says that the belief in it
makes it happen.

As Wallace Wattles says in "Science
of Getting Rich" your vision held with
faith and purpose moves what you
want toward you. Your actions move
you toward it.

It takes both to get what you want.

So what would you be doing if you
really believed you were getting what
you want? What preparations would
you be making?

When are you going to start?

Many blessings,


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning!!

Hey people!! I know it has been a minute since my last post!

I've been doing a little spring cleaning, organizing and re-organizing!!! 

Today I went through my Google Reader and unsubscribed to a LOT of blogs. I just haven't found the time to read them like a I want to. I need to keep my mind & spirit nourished so I am still subscribed to a few blogs. I'm sure the bloggers won't notice I'm no longer commenting ha!!

The blogs that I remained subscribed to are the ones that are mainly about health, natural hair, God, and my career! Right now those things are the most important things that I'm focused on. 

I've revamped my diet!! I'm on the path to a healthier me and flawless skin (I don't have bad skin but it could be better) I'm doing some much need elimination, addition and substitution!! (I'll post about my changes in the future)

I plan to go through my meetup groups and see which ones I'm most interested in participating in and remove myself from the others!

I plan to organize my hundreds of friends on my Facebook page into categories to make it easier for correspondence in the future!

I have to put myself on a LEARNING schedule. I'm teaching myself a few editing programs so I need to act as if I'm actually going to a class so that I can get the training done. 

I have to learn more about the different skills/jobs that I want to take on so that I can be one of the best at it!!

I'm on the path to GREATNESS and although it can be unclear, overwhelming, and rocky.....I'm extremely excited because by the grace of God I will make it to the finish line!!! I know what awaits me is nothing but the ABSOLUTE BEST OF THE BEST!!



Monday, April 18, 2011

Reminder: Get Unstuck Workshop For Actors April 25th!

The Get Unstuck Workshop for Actors
Because you don't have to be starving to be an artist
"... A correctly functioning actor should, ideally, be the healthiest, least neurotic creature on earth, since he is putting his emotional and sensory life to use by expressing it for an artistic purpose."- Uta Hagen

 Monday, April 25th
Time: 7-10pm
The Network, 242 West 36th Street 3rd Floor
$30 online /$40 at the door

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Get UnStuck Workshop For Actors April 25th, 2011

The Get Unstuck Workshop for Actors
Because you don't have to be starving to be an artist
"... A correctly functioning actor should, ideally, be the healthiest, least neurotic creature on earth, since he is putting his emotional and sensory life to use by expressing it for an artistic purpose."- Uta Hagen

 Monday, April 25th
Time: 7-10pm
The Network, 242 West 36th Street 3rd Floor
$30 online /$40 at the door

Think you have to pay your dues to find happiness as an actor? Think again. You deserve a well-balanced, super-charged, uber-inspired life and you can have it starting today!Join professional actress and Holistic Health coach, Monica McCarthy for an evening of thinking outside the box and (re)discovering why we choose to pound the pavement in the first place.
You will walk away from the workshop with specific exercises and tools to get you and your craft completely Unstuck!
  • Tried and true tips for juggling an artistic life (aka Time Management tools!)
  • How to pay the bills without feeling like your selling your soul.
  • Helpful hints for energy increasing food
  • Why your personal sanity affects your craft and how to not go crazy
  • Crafting an artistic lifestyle that fits your own beliefs/ideals

Monica McCarthy
 helps creative people design their own ideal lifestyle with an emphasis on inspiration, health and happiness. 
A certified Holistic Health Coach, Broadway baby, and DIY fanatic, Monica lives in NYC with her fellow-Pisces fiancĂ© and their super-rescue pup. You can check out more on her blog at and say hello on Twitter @MissMMccarthy.

This was really a blast. I loved the exercises! I really liked how the material covered all areas on one's life. Many creative workshops/methods seem to focus on one area. This material is awesome and will benefit anyone! 
~ Michael

This workshop was well-prepared and thought out... I loved the structure and I feel inspired!
 ~ Tamara

I loved all the personal experience sharing and getting materials to work with and take notes on. Monica was very organized and had a clear plan! 
~ Anna

Monica struck a great balance between presenting her own ideas/observations/acquired wisdom and getting us to participate 
though activities and discussion.
~ Caitlin

This was a very nurturing atmosphere! Monica's warm personality made it feel like a safe place.