Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long Time No Hear!!!

So it's been a minute since I've last posted....just been going on a roller-coaster ride of emotions lately....trying to figure out what EXACTLY I want in life....making a plan....scratching out that plan to make a new plan....thinking I have found the answer to the question just to find out that that answer produce a whole 'nother's just been crazy over here in Yogi's World....let me tell ya....

Although I still haven't COMPLETELY figured out how I'm getting to my destination....I've somewhat figured out what that destination is....

I do plan to keep you guys in the loop as I embark on this Journey of mine....I do know that I first have to get CLEAR about what it is I want to do, where it is I want to be, and then plan to take the steps needed to get there!!

I have to ask myself...Yogi, what is your IDEAL LIFESTYLE?

And once I figure out what it is....I mean down to the minor details i.e. how many hours I intend to work per day, how much money I intend to make per hour, etc.....I can achieve it!!

Envision it, believe it, SPEAK it, accept it as if it's already given, take the necessary steps to achieve it....and it will manifest!!!

Off to Design My Ideal Lifestyle!!

Until next time...............


  1. Hi, we did miss Yogi and the insights to life. Welcome back and may you achieve all you desire.

  2. aww...thanks!!! May you achieve all you desire as well hun!!