Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine, Smalentine!!!

It's Valentine's Day!!!

Who cares right?!

Ha!! :-D

I don't normally celebrate V-Day....back in high school, and I think some of college, my mom was always my I got older sometimes I would want to have a Valentine and sometimes I just really didn't care. 

The times that I actually had a Valentine was so not good Valentine Days for me!! I probably would have had more fun hanging out with my girls versus hanging out with those dudes! ha!

But whether you love it or hate can't really get away from

Happy V-Day Playmates!!


  1. See now you have all of us for Valentines and you don'y even need to but us candy lol
    Have a great Day


    I think we are similar, I just cringe at the thought of valentine day!!

    I spent most of the day talking with my girlfriend whose husband beat her up in front of her workplace so her colleagues can see!!! All on valentine day!

    And the numerous husbands who set aside this day to pay attention to the wives they have been neglecting?

    So many men I know and I have heard from, grudgingly acknowledged the existence of their wives on yesterday,and the poor wives were so grateful for at last being given attention. Mind you many of them were left 'wanting'!!Pity that after 14th they go back to their mistresses faster than a rat on cheese!

    I dont have a man right now and when I did, I still found Vals day way tooo fake. I take every other holiday more seriously than cringe-worthy Vals day. What a farce, an expensive one none the less

    That said, I hope you had a great one.


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  3. ha! Mena girl you are too funny! but yeah for some that's the truth...sad but true!! I feel like this...if you want to take me out, just take me out....taking me out on V-Day won't make it any more special to me....

  4. Yeah, never been a huge fan of V-Day myself. I think it's just a holiday geared towards making you spend unnecessary money!! Usually me and the hubby decide prior to the day if we'll celebrate. This year we choose not to. Sushi and our favorite Monday night TV shows, was how we spent our V-day. Your loved ones should show there love and treat you special all throughout the year, not just on one particular day!

  5. mmmmm I would love some sushi today!! ha!!