Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Saying GOODBYE To Cable!!!

Okay....so I decided over the weekend that I am saying goodbye to cable! *tears, tears, and more tears

My cable went out on me for like 40 minutes or so Saturday night.....and this happens more often than it should, not for that long of a time but...it still happens.

I currently have the Internet/cable bundle with Time Warner. Up until September of last year (or 2009) I was paying less than a $100 for this. That promotion ended so my bill kept increasing on a monthly basis. It went from $98 to $105 to a whopping $120/mo!

So I called Time Warner Saturday night when my cable went out; while I was on the phone with them I mentioned that I may be letting cable go altogether. They offered to lower my current package down to $105. Then they told me if I downgrade to basic cable with the Internet it could be approximately $85-90/mo. With only Internet its approximately $50/mo.

After thinking about this for a short period of time, I told them to come pick up the box! So on Jan. 26th I will let my cable go!

I haven't been without cable in 9 years!! So how will this affect me?

Well for the most part, a lot of my TV shows that I MUST SEE come on the regular channels like CBS, NBC, ABC...and I can find them online. I already watch my movies online....and since a lot of my shows come on the same day at the same time I was watching them a day or so late anyway....so....it won't be that much of a difference.

Recently I've been watching TV in the mornings to watch The Early Show on Channel 2 just to get weather updates and see what they are talking about. But I'm not a news watcher and I'm not a sports watcher. 

I was thinking of getting a Netflix account again. I was a Netflixer back a few years ago...and I liked them. They now have the Watch Instantly thing going on with movies and TV shows. You can stream on your PC/Mac or on your TV through a certain device like your gaming console, Roku, Blu Ray Player etc. 

I just read about the Roku thing over the weekend. It's not that expensive to get. I don't mind looking at movies & shows on my computer monitor but if I can watch on the TV screen that's great! The Roku has other channels too that can be added to the channel store. For hard to find shows on the Internet, I may get a subscription package to Netflix that includes DVD rental as well as the watch instantly feature; its just $2 more.

I haven't decided just yet how I'm going to handle all this. Netflix will definitely come in handy for catching up on past seasons of a particular show that may not be available online. For instance, I've been trying to watch the first season of Justified. I've found videos but with free content comes complications like the dreaded buffering! So sometimes its just not worth trying to watch the movie or show if it's going to buffer every 5 seconds...so Netflix would be good for that.

So the main reason I'm saying goodbye to cable...MONEY!

Going with the Internet only plan and a Netflix subscription would probably cost me about $50-55/mo. If I do decide to get the Roku later that could cost about $60-100 (but its a one time fee).

Yes, I can afford to continue to pay $120....but why? Saving $70 a month will do me good. I've already found another place where that money can go! ha! 

So we'll see how this goes....Sunday I kept my TV off all day (trying to prepare myself)....I only turned it on at 10p to watch the reunion of the Atlanta Housewives.

I'll keep you posted.....


  1. Your a stronger person the me lol I'll be interested in seeing how long you go without. Good for you !!!

  2. I'm interested to see as well...I'm trying to ween myself off now by not watching my TV ha!!

  3. it comcast here same thing throw. to much money for what i can get off the antenna and i don't have to to pay 2.50 to pay my bill in person. 24.95 for Internet and phone is OK. sure bet 129.00 plus surcharge. 100.00 saving red box movies 1.00 per day OK, still save. giving up cable is easier then stop smoking.

  4. Yolanda - what a resolution!! I am not much of a TV addict myself but am just feel a superfluous insecurity if I don't have the channels for cushion (just in case) : ). I have comcast and for one the internet connection completely sucks... Good post Yolanda

  5. yea I think I'll be fine...I'm weening myself off for the next two weeks...but the only issue that I may have is if I want to watch something live like an awards show or something I stopped watching them years ago but since I will soon be working in the film industry I think I should start back watching those ones....we'll see..

  6. Ugg, me and the hubby were just looking at our cable/internet bill last month. Even though it's two of us, I still hate to spend that much $$ when I rarely watch 90% of the channels. You can do, alot of show are online anyway.

  7. Omg, you are brave! You never know, but for now I can't live without cable and especially the DVR!! Then again, I guess I'd be ok. I don't know...

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