Monday, March 7, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau: Do We Have Free Will?

I watched the movie The Adjustment Bureau at a free screening last Tuesday. It was basically about our free will and an already written out plan for our lives.

I then received an email from Joel Osteen and his message that day was about God's plan for us. Here is an excerpt:

“Those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness”
(Proverbs 14:22b, NIV)

"The scripture doesn’t say, “Plan for good as long as the economy is booming.” It doesn’t say, “Plan for good as long as the housing market is strong.” It doesn’t say, “Plan for good as long as you aren’t facing any adversity.” No, we can plan for good because we serve a God who is good, and He is ready, willing and able to bring us through any adversity we face! Boldly plan for good today and watch God show up in the midst of your plans!"-Joel Osteen

Now my opinion about the whole Free Will vs Fate thing. I believe that God has a plan for all of us. And the plan consist of all good things. I believe that we go through tough times and trials to make us stronger and more prepared to handle the good and/or appreciate the good more when it does come into our life. I also believe we go through trials in order to draw us closer to God. By that I mean, some people tend to only seek Him when they are in need, and they tend to not give God that much attention when things are going well in their life. We have to give Him praise FOR ALL THINGS!!

I believe that there is a Divine plan with multiple outcomes. Your final destination is the promised land where you live abundantly. Abundance is our birthright. There are multiple outcomes based on what decisions we make.

The free will we have is basically our choice to serve God or not. Our free will is our choice to do good things or bad.

So yes there is a Divine Plan but we are also in charge of our own destiny. We are co-creators with our Father who lives inside of us. Depending on our choices in life we either walk the divine path to our promised land (with divine guidance & wisdom) or we walk our own path and either live a life of destruction or live a life that's less than fulfilling.

So when we ask for God's will to be done, we are simply asking for divine guidance and intelligence to make the right decisions because we know that His will for us is all good. His will for His children is one of abundance, peace, prosperity, wealth, perfect health and love. His way is the best way! His way is the perfect way!

We have the free will to choose whether or not to trust God and to put our trust in God! And I choose Him! I have an outline of what I plan to do with my life but I ask for God's guidance because I know whatever His divine plan is for me is what will make me the most fulfilled.

We only see half the picture, He sees the whole thing! Shoot He wrote the book, so of course He knows how the story ends! :-D

Stay Blessed my people and know that God only wants good things for you! Remember to praise Him through the storm and the sunny days! Keep your mind on Him and stay in gratitude!

God is a faithful God, he delights in our prosperity, He loves us unconditionally and He wants the best for us. Accept the victories that He has planned for you, no matter how hard the path may seem. In the end, we shall all be victorious, because we are children of the Most High!!

Father in heaven, thank You for the good plan You have for my life. I choose Your plan and ask that You direct my mind and thoughts according to Your purposes. Fill me with Your peace and joy. I set my mind on You and boldly embrace the good things You have for me today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
— Joel & Victoria Osteen

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  1. Excellent blog post! Keep up the good work!
    Stay blessed!
    ~Elle (Renewed Corner)