Thursday, March 17, 2011

Me & My Makeup!!

Well I should actually say me & my eyeshadow. I don't wear foundation, blush, bronzer or any of that stuff. I love me some eyeshadow though..the brighter, bolder the color the better.

So I had to invest in the 120 eyeshadow palette with all the bright and beautiful colors:

I like to match my shadow with my outfits and I love wearing bold colors. Maybe its a southern thing...I don't know...but I love me some color! I bought this palette in 2009, I think, and I've probably only used 5 or so of the colors. Some of the colors I wear often I had individual shadows already so I've been just using those. 

The palette is not small so carrying it around with me to work & so forth, just in case I need to touch up my makeup, was not happening. So yesterday, I went into the dollar store and I bought 4 mini eyeshadow palettes that had a few of the colors that I like to wear on a regular basis. (Yes, I buy cheap makeup...ha!)

For the colors that I wear that are not in the mini palettes my only solution is to load up a sponge tip applicator with my color and put it in a tiny zip lock bag. This way, if needed, I will use the applicator to touch up! That's what I had to do today...I'm sporting green for Saint Patty's Day!! (It's my favorite color too)

I use concealer on my lids to make the color pop & to make the shadow last longer...but the last few days I've been creasing and I'm not sure if it's because I put moisturizer over my lids or not...but I have to pay attention to that....but anyhoo...I got this palette from ebay! It was only $20..and I thought that was a bargain because it last FOREVER!!!



  1. Great : ) I have just started using eyeshadow - this will indeed come in handy. Thanks Yogi : )