Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Convinced...Women Standards Are Lower Than Men!

Okay...I've been noticing this issue for a minute now....well I can't really call it an issue...but I've noticed that men standards are a little higher than women when it comes to their mates..and I'm totally speaking on the physical aspect.

Today on the train I noticed two couples...one was married...I couldn't tell if the other couple was married or not but, according to my standards, both men were average looking and the women were very pretty and well put together. One gentleman was even on the heavier side and his mate was slim and trim (not saying that there is anything wrong with heavier set people, I'm just pointing out he didn't have the "athletic" type build).

Its just normal, to me, in majority of the couples I see, the women are much cuter than their mates. Even on tv, you see the same things. The dudes are very average and the wives are very attractive....The King of Queens show comes to mind right off hand. There are some shows were the couple is on an equal attractiveness level...but not normally.

And then you have those guys that say they only date models. Well have you noticed normally those guys are "not so cute" yet they say they only date the "most beautiful" women & nothing less...well they say that because...they have! Women, even though looks are important to most of us, we will lower our standards if the guy's "inside" outweighs his "outside". I don't know how many times I've heard a woman say that when she first met her husband she was not attracted to him physically but...after awhile of his persistance and getting to know him, he became more attractive. But normally with guys....girls have to be a "10" or else they will not even talk to her. Not all men are like that I know...but I'm just saying....in my opinion...women standards are a little lower than men in the looks department. Just read this article from AskMen.com: Dude says he's not that attractive yet he can't bring himself to date an average or below average looking female, he's only attracted to the beautiful ones! ha!! See I'm not making this up...some men, if not most, place high importance on a woman's beauty.

Looks are very important...however, I say for me, sex appeal out ranks looks. If I don't want to sleep with you...we can't date...sorry! The guys I've dated in my lifetime have been on the same "attractiveness" level as me...except for the guys I've dated in New York, I was the cuter one in the couple. Not saying they weren't cute, I'm just saying I was cuter :-D
Anyhoo...the next time you're out walking around the city...or hanging out with your friends...take a look around and see if you see what I see! ha!!

Talk to you later!!!

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