Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011: Use The Power Of Intention!


SO... I don't know about you guys but I am so looking forward to 2011! As I reflect back on 2010...I came into that year partying with my friends...with high hopes...I almost lost that hope when I was out daily trying to find suitable employment accepting rejection after rejection. But when I say GOD IS GOOD...please believe me! OKAY!! ha!!

I ended 2010 on the highest note possible! Here's a pic of me and my friends at a New Year's Eve party in Manhattan:

I am truly blessed and highly favored! SO going into 2011 I am on a natural high...just expecting the best and intending to be the best!

You have to INTEND for things to be the way that you want them to be...don't just say I WANT so and so...INTEND TO HAVE or BE so and so...

This takes me back to what Wes Hopper said in one of his posts:

"Would you like to see 2011 become your most successful and fulfilled year ever? If so, here's a simple technique to help make it happen. Use the power of intention. You put this power to work by deciding what you want to happen, and then by making it happen. Wayne Dyer wrote a whole book about intention, and here's four key points from his book. Each one advises you to stop one kind of thinking and practice another.

1. Stop thinking about what's missing in your life, and begin thinking about what you absolutely intend to create. Get really clear about that.

2. Stop thinking about the conditions and circumstances of your life, and begin thinking about the conditions you intend to create this year.

3. Stop thinking about the way things have always been in your life, and begin thinking about the ways that you intend things are going to be.

4. Stop thinking about what other people want for you and what they see you doing and being, and start
thinking and acting the way you intend to be.

Do you see a pattern there? Most of us approach our lives as observers. We show up every day wondering what's going to happen. The power of intention allows us to show up each day and tell life what we want to happen! Does that mean that every day goes just as we'd like? No, of course not, but

over time if we persist we get much, much better results than we do just showing up and hoping.

Write out your intentions. Tell life clearly what you intend."
© Wes Hopper
So get out your journals, get on your computer...and write out your intentions for this year! State them from the present tense...
If you intend to be healthier...."I am healthier inside and out...I live a healthier lifestyle now..." you get the point... :-D

Instead of setting out them INTENTIONS! I intend to have my laptop this year, I intend to take my editing classes this year, I intend to go to Las Vegas this year, I intend to expand my social circle this year, I intend to give back more this year....etc!

Stay Blessed My People and We Shall See Wonderful Things Happen To Us And For Us In 2011!!


  1. Great Post Yogi!!!! This is so true! I like the idea of not being an observer in your life. Right on!

  2. Happy New Year Yogi! Wishing you continued success in 2k11!

  3. Thanks Amber J!! We have to be the "driver" on this road called life!!

  4. Nice Post Yolanda,
    It is always nice to be reminded of the things we can do to create a better life. Wayne Dyer is the renaissance man in this genre. I remember listing to tapes called how to manifest your destiny. This was before cd's were created. LOL Anyway, I hope all your intentions come true!
    Lots of Love

  5. thanks Deanne...I remember reading my first Wayne Dyer book years ago and I have been a fan of his sense...I'm all about self-improvement and reaching your fullest potential!! Wishing you the best of the best in 2011!!