Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Introducing "Gratitude Wednesdays!"

Good Morning People!

So...I'm introducing Gratitude Wednesdays!

Gratitude Wednesday came to my mind the other night while I was reading over some statements that I try to read on a daily basis during my prayer time either in the morning or at night.

So as I was reading, I started thinking that I would like to share these statements with others, you never know who needs to hear or read something at a particuliar time in their lives that may make a difference. These statements are just statements that I've either made up, or combined with statements I've seen elsewhere to make a Gratitude Statement, thanking God for whatever.

So every Wednesday you can expect a Gratitude Statement! I chose Wednesday because it is the middle of the week and as people like to call it, Hump Day! You are half way through your week and you may just need a little piece of positivity to get you over the HUMP!

Gratitude is a very important part of life. It will help to keep your mind focused on what you have or what you intend to have (gratitude in advanced). It will attract more positive things into your life. These statements are not necessary "affirmations" they are basicially Thank Yous to God for His blessings over your life. Keeping your mind (and your mouth) on the Lord and His promises for your life will surely bring about more blessings and favor upon you.

Whether you believe in God or not, you still have a lot to be grateful for...so THANK whomever or whatever you want to thank, just be thankful!

You'll be grateful you did!

Check back tomorrow (and every Wednesday) for your Gratitude Statement!

Stay Blessed!


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