Friday, January 21, 2011

RightRides: Free Rides For Late Nights in NYC

Hey guys I came across a free service for New Yorkers that need a ride home during late nights on Fridays and Saturdays. It's a non-profit organization who is dedicated to getting people home safely. This service is called Right Rides (please visit for more details about organization and its services.)

RightRides offers women, LGBTQ and gender queer individuals a free, safe, late night ride home on Friday and Saturday nights from 11:59 PM - 3 AM, (early Saturday or Sunday morning) in up to 45 NYC neighborhoods across four NYC boroughs. To call for a ride, the dispatch number is (888) 215-SAFE (7233). 

Since 2004, RightRides has driven nearly 4,000 riders safely home, thanks to hundreds of dedicated volunteers, our vehicle sponsor Zipcar and donations from individuals, foundations and community sponsors. 

I'll definitely keep this number more paying for a taxi ride from the city!! I think I will also like to look into donating and/or volunteering!

Stay Blessed!!


  1. This is great info Yogi! I just passed this info on to my sis in-law that live in BK. I'm gonna keep # handy myself n look into donating. Thanks for info

  2. Yea I never knew about this company and they been around for a few years!! I think its an awesome service one that definitely needs to be supported!!