Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Vacuum Law of Prosperity

Hey People

A few posts back I mentioned to you about clothes swapping and I said how I was always giving away my clothes and shoes or what have you ever since I was a little girl and as a result of that habit I've always had more than enough of those items. I never really gave stuff away expecting to receive those things back in abundance, I just did it because I knew that there were others out there less fortunate than I and I could help them by giving them something I no longer had interest in. Some things never change...I'm naturally a giving person (to an extinct I guess ha!)

Well the Vacuum Law of Prosperity states: "The universe cannot put good into your hand, until you let go of what you are holding in it." You have to give to receive, you have to let go of the bad to make room for the good, you have to release the old to open yourself up for the new!

Wes Hopper wrote a post about the Prosperity Law and I want to share it with you here: 

"The 5th principle of gratitude is giving. There are two major reasons why giving is so important. The first is that life is a flow of energy. If all you have is a flow in, but no flow out, you're stopped up. The flow in will slow way down.

The second reason is that what we focus on grows. If you don't give, you're focusing on not having enough. Do you want "not enough" to grow in your life? Giving isn't always money. You can give time, talent, support and physical items.

Just remember that we tend to get paid back in the same currency we give. If you want to get money, give money. The amount you give is only important in that it's a measure of how prosperous you believe you are. As you might expect, the more prosperous you think you are, the more you give and the more you receive.

You don't give to receive, but you give out of gratitude for what you have. No matter how little you think you have, there are people with less." (c)

So continue to show your gratitude by giving out of the kindness of your will come back to you in abundance!!

Stay Blessed!


  1. This is sooo good and sooo true! This is a great post. I’m glad you posted on this subject…it’s a great way to view abundance! ~Elle (Renewed Corner)

  2. Thanks Elle!! I was really touch by this and just had to share!!