Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seminar: Being Your Own CEO Feb 5, 2011

As an actor you are your own small business. In school you were taught if you were the most talented at your craft you’d be successful. But what was left out is what makes the difference in you having career for life or going out of business quickly! To succeed and make a great living you need to THINK like an entrepreneur and take care of all aspects of your business from CEO to Secretary. In BEING YOUR OWN CEO you’ll learn:
  • The 5 “hats” you must wear in order to have a fully functional business as an actor – CEO, Artist, Marketing/PR, CFO and Secretary. You already have all of these skills and will learn how to apply them to your career
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and the 5 small things that will make the biggest difference
  • To create habits including the 7 most essential that highly effective and successful actors do EVERY DAY
  • How to do today what others won’t so that you can do tomorrow what others can’t!
  • How to organize your time and prioritize effectively to accomplish the steps in your business plan
  • How to create a business plan that will fast forward you to the career you’ve always wanted STEP by STEP – Leave the workshop with a plan in place! 

Date: Saturday, February 5th, 2010
Location: Actors Connection
630 9th Ave., Suite 1410, NYC
Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Cost: Only $69

Stay Blessed!


  1. The blog is very good!

  2. Thanks Nel!!! I'll def. check out your blog!!

  3. i like your article and your writing skills amd you are blessed with talent. as an actor you may want to put on a new hat as a writer. you go girl