Saturday, January 22, 2011

Speed Dating Part 2!

Alright my lovelies...oops I did it again! ha!

So I went speed dating again this week, twice actually! I went to an event on Monday which was really fun! It was speed dating but with a Trivia type there were 7 rounds, 10 questions per round. My team consisted of me and 2 girls, we named ourselves BK Divas (one of the girls live in Brooklyn and my mom grew up in Brooklyn so that's how we came up with the name). My teammates were Karen, from Astoria (found out we live a few blocks from each other; how cool is that?), and Judy from BK.

Each round the male team would go to a new table! I must say I did meet some rather smart gentlemen! It seemed like each round we got a great group of guys that were very knowledgeable in that specific theme for that round. In the end, my team won the grand prize!! I think the guy that was tallying the points accidentally gave us an extra point but sssshhhh don't tell nobody! ha! The grand prize was a $25 gift certificate for food/drinks for the bar (we were at Bar 12 in Manhattan). We were hungry so we decided to stay there and used the certificates for dinner ($75 total with all three certificates). We even invited one of the guys that was in the last round with us to stay...our bill for 4 people (food/drinks) was $77.27, the food was really good too!

The guy was a cool dude...he offered to take me and Karen out to dinner! Judy had already left by this point. Please believe I will be reminding him of this! ha!

So I went to another event Thursday was a regular speed dating format I think I met around 11 guys....2 that I already knew from previous events. We were at Nirvana in Manhattan, really nice spot its a lounge/bar downstairs with a restaurant upstairs. They serve Indian food. The host provided appetizers for us and I must was rather I may go back there to try out the food! 

I have yet to meet anyone that I would want to go out with on a real date...but I'm enjoying myself so that's all that matters right now!!

Until Next Time.....

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