Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Do You Appreciate Today?!

Good Morning Everyone!!

Thanking God for another wonderful day!!

Well of course my list rarely changes ha!

I appreciate:

My family, friends, and loved ones!
Perfect health, peace, joy, abundance, wealth & prosperity
God's love, mercy, grace & favor bestowed upon me everyday
The new shows that are starting this winter season (I'm a coach potato...I get it from my mama!)
The new opportunities that come to me to expand my social circle
The money to buy my hair steamer!! YAY!!!
My wonderful job, boss & co-workers!
LIFE!! And a grand one at that!

Thank you lord for all things seen and unseen, given & taken away, done & yet to do...in your son, Jesus' name, Amen!

SO...what do you appreciate today?!!

Stay Blessed!!


  1. Yogi, I need to know! What's a hair steamer??

  2. lol a hair steamer is just like a hooded hair dryer but instead of blowing out just hot air it blows out steam! Its a wonderful experience from what I can remember...I went to a hair salon a few years ago and had my first steam treatment...didn't even know that type of thing existed til then. It's good for when you deep condition your hair, it helps your hair take the deep conditioner better than if you are just using heat. I will definitely do a review on it once I use it!

  3. That is great! Looking forward tot he review! I'm in the process of letting my relaxer grow out. It's been about 6mths. My hair would thank me for a deep condition, steam treatment!!