Friday, January 28, 2011

Hair Goals- 2011

Hey Y'all with the new year I've been making a lot of goals.....and I've decided to make a hair goal as well.

My hair is natural (not relaxed). I've been natural off and on since '99, and I've big chopped 3 times since...the last time I big chopped was in June '05. Here are pics:

The reason I chopped my hair off so much was out of pure frustation...I would get frustrated with my hair for whatever reason and I would get scissor happy and have this "I'll teach you" type attitude and just whacked it off. My goal has always been to have long hair so a few months of wearing my hair short I'll crave to have "hair" again and for awhile I was wearing a lot of weaves and wigs...then in '07 I started wearing my real hair out...not relaxed of course. I had to learn how to take care of my hair all over again.

I'm natural but I'm not chemical free...I love color...however, in 2007 I colored it too much. 

I didn't have any bad experiences...but I noticed the more I colored the more my curl pattern was less defined. I decided to let the color grow out completely. So for a year and a half I kept my hair hidden with wigs.

Fast Forward to 2009...I started wearing my real hair out again and I did something to get my hair really tangled...I got scissor happy again out of frustration and chopped off about 3-4 inches of my hair. That day I vowed to not use scissors out of frustration anymore. I started looking at YouTube and getting advice on how to take care of natural hair...the proper way to handle it and care for it. I learned the keys to retaining length. It's not about growing's about retaining the length of the hair that you grow. My hair goal for this year is to retain all 6 inches of growth. I must make sure that I do not slack off on my hair care and I must be very patience and gentle.

Every three months I will do a LENGTH CHECK to keep track of my growth!

Here is my starting point:

Keep you posted!!!


  1. Please go on and let your hair grow. I think I would like.
    I also like 1999, you are natural and a beauty too.

  2. thank you pascal! I won't be cutting anytime soon! ha!!

  3. You have beautiful hair; no need to chop it off (although short hair is not bad either). Not everyone is blessed with thick curls like that. Next time you cut it short, I hope it's because you just want to have different look, not because you're frustrated with it. :)

  4. Thanks AJ...I'll definitely see just how long it can get!! :-D