Saturday, January 29, 2011

SKINS: New Show on MTV

SO....people have been really voicing their opinions about this new show on MTV, Skins. The show is about teens participating in sex and drugs and being able to successfully hide it from their parents. Some parents want the show removed because the cast is underage. But COME ON PEOPLE....y'all don't watch Intervention? Majority of the addicts on that show said they started drinking and doing drugs as young as 7yrs old!

I mean how do you get drugs and alcohol at 7yrs old?!! So wake up parents....this show is a true portrayal of what a lot of teens are doing....I don't think that it will encourage teens to partake in these unhealthy activities..the ones that are going to experiment...will experiment; the ones that won't...won't....

But I do think that these parents need to stop having a hissy fit and use this show as a platform to talk to their kids about drugs, alcohol and sex! They get started younger and younger these days!!

Stay Blessed!!


  1. I love this show. Guilty pleasure. but it's crazy because my parent weren't having that mess! But it's really no surprise; it happens everywhere

  2. I actually haven't watched the show. but someone I know referred to it has child porn...I just think the issues are real...I don't understand kids that partake in these activities at such young ages...I had no DESIRE to do these things when I was in high school or younger. I guess FEAR is my ANTI-DRUG! ha!

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  4. Thank you Secret Writer!! I will check out your blog as well!! Happy Blogging and have a great day!