Monday, January 24, 2011

TeleSeminars Provided By Act Outside The Box

Some I've posted some great info about seminars/workshops by Lisa Gold at Act Outside The Box...well if you can not make it to one of the workshops then you do have the choice of listening to one of her tele-seminars!!

Hope this info is helpful!

Stay Blessed!!

Actors in Action by Lisa Gold From Act Outside The Box!
Teleseminar Series  
Actors in ActionLearn everything you need to know to impact your year, from the comfort of your own home. All teleseminar downloads are in MP3 format for you to listen to and review. Also includes PDF docs, handouts, and other great resources.

Mind Your Business
How do you keep going when you don't "feel" like it? How do you separate yourself from your product? In this seminar, we discuss knowing the "why" behind you being an actor, who are you serving and what your purpose for being on stage is.  We'll review objectives and goals, probable obstacles, expectations and managing them and look at the histories of other successful actors.  It was NOT overnight success!  It was hard work and you have to do it too!
Single Teleseminar Download  $9.95

Networking Know How

Think "being yourself" is easy in this business? We're so used to performing that the simple art of networking is HARD for most actors. Most folks stand around waiting to be approached or wonder how to approach others; what to say; how to open a conversation. Let's just say it - you're scared! Networking Know How is JUST WHAT YOU NEED to gain the proper skills and confidence to meet, speak with, and keep in contact with people you meet socially and professionally.
Single Teleseminar Download  $9.95

Research, Resources and Relationships
95% of professional actors can't tell you who the casting director or director is of any given New York television show, Broadway show, nationally known film office or other easily found information. Do you know who the PLAYERS are? The people that could become some of the most important relationships of your career? Find out how to find out, why it's important and how to develop and maintain these relationships.  Also get info on "hidden" resources.

Single Teleseminar Download  $9.95

Money, Marketing and Mailings

One of the habits of highly successful actors is to keep a database of their target market (i.e. agents, casting directors...) and mail to them regularly. Learn how to create and manage the money to effectively market to the people who can get you work! Find out exactly how often is too often or not often enough for theatre, film, television, soaps, print and commercials. 

Single Teleseminar Download  $9.95 

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