Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Social Bootcamp For Actors Jan 23, 2011

This business is changing. So is the world. Are you already a part of the action or behind the 8-ball?Target, Macy’s, McDonalds and Actors Connection ALL use Facebook and Twitter to keep their customers informed. Domino’s Pizza recently launched a campaign using videos on Youtube to reshape their public image. ABC Television and individual TV shows and movies all use social media to promote visibility and awareness. Bloggers are as well known and respected as many of the past greats who wrote for the New York Times!
Several already well known actors and artists use social media to keep their names and projects “top of mind”. Ashton Kutcher, Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel. Heck, tons of ALREADY famous people are ALL using social media. ARE YOU?

Hosted by Lisa Gold, the day begins with your being walked through the marketing possibilities of using social media step and step and the reasons why marketing on the internet is a MUST for all actors (as it is for all other businesses). Target, Macy’s, McDonalds and Actors Connection ALL market via social media. ABC Television, individual TV shows and movies do so as well to promote visibility and awareness. Bloggers have turned their cyberspace thoughts and huge following into books and movies (Julie and Julia) and are now more read than traditional newspapers.

After a lunch break a Powerpoint presentation by blogging expert Francesca Rizzo, a professional actor/writer and award-winning filmmaker, will guide you through writing a blog.  You’ll participate in exercises to help you target subjects you can get excited about and leave with a blogpost, blogplan, and suggestions to get you started.
Media/Communications Expert and Digital Video Producer, Bob Johnson, will go over various sites such as Facebook (including fan pages), LinkedIn, MySpace,Twitter and YouTube.  He’ll also cover subjects such as how to drive traffic to your sites, integrating these accounts for easy management and using online news and other resources to provide content. You might even discover ways to earn extra cash by becoming a YouTube partner!

You do not want to miss this huge opportunity!  Register NOW!

Date: Sunday, January 23rd, 2011
Location: Actors Connection
630 9th Avenue, Suite 1410, NYC
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Cost: Only $69
Stay Blessed


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  1. Sounds enriching, I hope you get a lot of takers!!