Thursday, September 30, 2010

NCADV: Cell Phone Donation Drive

Hey People!

I just wanted to tell you about a great cause that I found out about floating around in my inbox!! Please spread the word. I have an old phone that I need to find so I can donate!!!

Thanks! Stay Blessed

NCADV Cell Phone Donation Drive

Give Them Another Escape Route from Domestic Violence  Donate A Cell Phone

The simple act of donating a cell phone has far reaching benefits for victims of domestic violence and literally helps save hundreds of lives. 

While many donated phones become direct lifelines that enable battered women to connect in times of need, funds from processing donated phones do much, much more. 

Donating your phone enables the NCADV to pay for programs that provide education and career guidance, support and referrals for victims, technical assistance to emergency shelters and programs throughout the U.S. and other innovative programs that address the special needs of battered women across all racial, religious and economic groups.  
By donating a cell phone, you are helping
to make every home a safe home.
Click here to donate a phone
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Proceeds from the collection and sale of deactivated cell phones help fund our mission to end violence in the home. The collection of deactivated cell phones for this purpose has literally saved hundreds of lives.
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