Saturday, September 25, 2010

creation box: an alternative to the vision board

The Creation Box!! 

Yes! so I’ve found another great idea! 

I made a Vision Board a few months ago…I found some images online since I didn’t have any magazines and I made two boards. I just use some white poster boards and taped the images on there. But around the same time that I made the boards I had someone staying with me so I would just hide them. I didn’t really want everyone being able to see what I had on my board. Needless to say I hardly ever looked at my boards…ha! 

So the other day when I was reading the Brainy Woman’s blog I came across the post about the Creation Box and I thought that is a great idea! It’s just like a Vision Board but its more discreet and smaller and I’m more likely to pull that out and view the contents inside then posting my poster board on my walls. 

photo found on
The creation box is from the teachings of Abraham Hicks, author of Ask & It Is Given. If you want to learn more about the Creation Box click here! 

If you are a fan of Mr. Hicks check out the gifts on

I plan to buy one soon and put the items I intend to have in there. I don't know if I'm going to get the one on cafepress. It's $25 and I think I can easily get a photo box at the a local store or something like some money. You can put whatever you desire….AND BE BOLD!! I’ll post a pic when I do!!

Oh I did see another idea for a box on that site....My God Box
You can make your own or you can buy ones that are already made....this could be very helpful to keep your stress level down & to keep you from worrying about things you can't change or that you have no control over!! I may be making one of these as well! :-)

Remember…..There are no limits!!! Nothing is impossible to those that have faith! Dream Big or Go Home! Ha!!! 

Peace out my people!!

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