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My 2014 Intentions (No Resolutions)

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Hey Peeps,

It's the new year and we are all gun ho about starting fresh and new!

Everyone is making new year's resolutions, writing down their goals and plans for 2014, and promising to do better, be better and have better.

I plan to begin transforming into the person that I know I was PURPOSED to BE. (click to tweet)

2014 is all about living life on PURPOSE! (click to tweet)

I won't call what I want to do or plan to do, be , have or change resolutions...I will call them my intentions. If I intend on doing something I think that it gives me more motivation to accomplish those things.

I don't want to just focus on goals...I set a lot of goals for 2013 that I didn't reach just like years before that. I need to also focus on the system that needs to go in place that will make achieving those specific goals more effective.

ACTION (i.e. Process/System) + GOALS = SUCCESS


  • 12 new titles for my publishing company Rome Gibson Publishing (I'll have 2-3 new storylines & they will equal to 12 or more books but they are going to be in serial format not necessarily 12 new standalone titles)
  • Excel spreadsheet tracking royalties, sales, and expenses for tax purposes
  • 14 new short stories (won't be doing this)
  • Work from home full-time
  • 1,000 new subscribers to my mailing list
  • Become a highly read and recommended author in my genre

*this list may change as the year progresses but for right now this is what I've come up with so far!


My main focus is to create the habits of a successful author, how do I plan to do that:

  1. put my career first, treat writing as my business and SHOW UP DAILY to perform (just like I do for my 9-5 job on a daily basis)
  2. write five days a week, minimum 1,000 words per day which is 1 hour for me (Weekends are optional writing days)
  3. publish a new title once per 30 days minimum (short story, novella and/or novel)
  4. read fiction and watch movies to refill the creativity well on weekends
  5. cut back on TV and other distractions on writing days especially if I have not met my quota for the day
  6. get as much writing done during the 8 hours on my 9-5 job during slow time (sometimes I'm too mentally drained to just focus in the evenings)


--I intend to write 6k words per day (Mon-Fri) in order to achieve my goal of 12 new titles (minimum for 2014, either novella or novel) and 14 new short stories (free and paid, 8-10K stories on all publishing platforms).
Writing 6k words per day equals to 6 hours of writing time for me. I find that I write better when my mind is clear which is typically during my work day, by the time I get home in the evenings I'm tired from doing the mundane office work, answering phones, commuting and running errands, that all I want to do is eat and go to bed. So if I can fit in as much writing as I can at work during those 8 hours I will have more flexibility in the evenings just in case I get home late one night and really just need to crash.

--I have to start keeping track of my expenses and royalties on a monthly basis starting this month for tax purposes. I'm also going to take a Taxes for Authors class with Diane Kelly on starting Jan 20, 2014. I'm new at the self-employed thing and need to learn all I can because I intend to do this full-time in the near present.

--Participating in giveaways and cross promotional efforts with other authors, as well as some guest blogging, will get my name out there which will in turn help me to become a highly read and recommended author in my genre.

--Putting a link to my mailing list in my emails, website, blog, and in my books, will help to increase my subscribers.

ALL OF THIS.....(plus the sales of my books) will help me to get to the point that I can do this full-time by the end of 2014.

*I can't control the sales aspect but I can control my production level and with more books to buy I increase my chances of more sales. It only takes 1 book to take off guys....out of the 12 that I intend to write....I increase my chances of producing that one! :-D

OPPORTUNITY + PREPAREDNESS = SUCCESS *there is no luck (click to tweet)

Happy 2014 Everyone!
I wish you nothing but the best!

Until Next Time...
Stay Blessed....Stay Tuned!

**updated: 4/19/14

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