Monday, November 16, 2009

What's Up With Yolanda?

Good Question!!

Well I have not been submitting that much in the past few main focus right now has been getting an income! So that've guessed it! Finding a job!!

I can honestly say that I did good for the few months I have been acting and when I calculate how much money I have made...thus far its been a good chunk but of course that money was here today gone tomorrow...financing your acting career can eat up your money as soon as you make it...

So I'm currently looking for a temp job...going to register with MORE agencies this we'll see what comes of's really slow out there...

I plan to take a class in Dec. to get trained as a legal proofreader....I've done some proofreading jobs on a freelance basis but I want something a little more stable and I prefer to work 3rd I can have my days free....and still do freelance jobs...

I prefer not to do the typical acting "survival" never know what your paycheck is going to look like week from week so I'd rather work in an office environment getting paid weekly and being able to budget myself more effectively....

SO that is my goal for the next month or so....getting a JOB!

by Jan I will be in a April or May I will start submitting for castings again....I should have my finances situated by then...your girl gotta eat! ha! by next May or June I will have my new headshots....

Stay tuned for more industry info: tips, free seminars etc and Updates on my journey!!

God Bless and C'YA AT THE TOP!!


  1. Hey that's kinda my plan too! I'm looking at legal proofreading and word processing.

  2. Cool Beans!! Great minds think alike! ha!