Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Actors: Affordable Health Insurance

**copy & paste from Scott Powers Weekly Tip Newsletter**


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Actors always invest in their careers. Are you investing in your well-being? Preventative care? What happens if you get sick? If you're sick, you don't work - and you don't get paid. So many actors are walking around hoping nothing happens to them, because if it does....
Let's lift some weight off your shoulders. It would be worthwhile for you to check out: Why? This health care group was started by doctors to provide reasonable-cost high-quality health care not available anywhere else. For $79 dollars a month. If you check out what you get - and it's a HUGE amount, it's a bargain compared to anything else out there. Considering what an actor spends on a career as well as daily living, you should give this serious consideration. For some, checking this out may turn out to be a major improvement in their quality of life.
I know from first-hand experience, their doctors and surgeons are excellent and caring and the facilities comprehensive. No one feels like a number. You can save a bundle and have the self-satisfaction you have a valuable resource in your back pocket. You'll be taking care of your body - including unforeseen things lurking in the wings - as well as your career. And that's a good feeling.

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