Friday, April 1, 2011

T.W.I.Y.W (This Week In Yogi's World)

Hey Long Time No See!!

Well it hasn't really been that long since I've posted...

So I just wanted to fill you in a little bit on what's been occupying my time and mind lately.

Well....where did I leave off....oh...the last time I posted I had been talking about dating, changing your thought patterns to change your life..etc.

Well as far as dating goes....I've been deleting a few guys out of my life that just didn't step up to the plate....they were not strong players in this Dating Game so....I had to bench'em!

I haven't done any speed dating events recently but I do plan to go out to some this month if I can.

I just finished the book, The Power of The Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy...I'll be sharing a few tips that I took away from the book in future posts...if you are interested in reading it (which I suggest) then visit here for a link to get the PDF of the book!

I've been changing my diet and trying new skin care products continuing on my journey to a healthier and even more gorgeous ME!! :-D I'll probably post details in future posts.

My mind has been extremely occupied lately with what I want to do regarding my career. I've mentioned before about my intention to become a video I took the first step last week and bought my macbook pro!! I got a great deal from a super guy on craigslist. I now have it hooked up with all the software that I'm going to now it's time to TRAIN!!!

I hit a road bump this past week. I was planning to take some Final Cut classes with a lady that offers private lessons, we've been corresponding for awhile. She offers the best deal because with her class you not only learn Final Cut but you learn Motions, After Effects, Photoshop, DVD Pro, and Soundtrack Pro...all for less than $1000!! So OF COURSE she was my first choice.

Well she informed me that she is booked all spring & summer and that I should not wait for her to come back to NY this fall, to find another trainer.

Oh...ok...I'll do just that!! *sad face

At first I was like...aww shucks...that was my Plan A gone out the window...and I started to get a little discouraged...especially after I started reading comments from video editors about how the industry has become more competitive and there's less money and so on and so forth. The average editor I think makes $55-60K, well of course, I don't like those numbers. I started this really what you want to get into? 

Granted there were some that stated that they make 100K+. ....I'm expecting to be making $100K+....but it did confirm that I should broaden my skill set to include more than just editing. I mean I'm aiming for the big leagues people...Mediocre and Yogi just don't belong in the same sentence....let's try award winning video editor :-D...nothing's too big for My God!!! ;-D

But that little incident got me to thinking...and thinking...and I started doing more research into other training classes...that may be within my budget. Ultimately being a film actress is my intention...but I do know that I need a more consistent, and flexible way to make a living until I get to my IDEAL status in my acting career. So while I was searching for other editing classes...I started looking into other jobs in the film industry that I may like as well as other technical skills I could pick up to offer on a freelance basis. 

So I've been toying with script supervision, film accounting, and web design. Of course I have to do more research into these jobs and get efficient training but being skilled in more than one area will guarantee that I always have a service to offer and when you have great services to offer, along with repeat bring in a steady stream of revenue!! 

So I just purchased a few books to get myself acquainted with these jobs before spending money on training....then if I feel it is something I definitely want to do...I'll start finding ways to get the experience.

I have a company that I haven't really launched yet called Medayo right now I'm working on what exactly is Medayo Services. What services do I want to offer, besides editing of course? Once I figure that out then I'll have a CLEAR direction to go into....which will make bringing my ideas to reality much easier!!

Stay Tuned Playmates!!

Many Kisses!!

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