Monday, April 4, 2011

Workshop April 8th, 2011: Commercial Technique Workshop w'CD Amy Gossels

Back by popular demand!

One on One
Commercial Technique Workshop
hosted by
Casting Director
Amy Gossels Image
*This seminar is FREE to
Precision Photos customers
that have purchased $99 or more this year. 

Otherwise there is a $20 charge to attend. 

Friday, April 8th 
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
36th Street Studio
260 West 36th Street
3rd Floor

Amy's first workshop was such a success that she's decided to take it one step farther....
One on One Meetings!
Amy Gossels specializes in commercial casting
and the focus of this second workshop will be
to improve your commercial audition technique
one on one.

The workshop will start with a group Q & A session,
then Amy will work with each actor individually.
Each actor will be given commercial copy
to read for productive and constructive feedback.
You will be given a chance to make adjustments,
the goal being that each actor improves
in significant ways and is thus more 
capable of booking commercial work!

By meeting Amy, those of you who stand out will have a better chance of being brought in for actual commercial auditions in the future since casting directors tend to give preference to actors they have met and whose work they know first hand.

You'll come away from this experience with an extraordinary amount of new and valuable insight into commercial technique 
and will feel so much better equipped to go out and actually book commercial work! 


Amy Gossels, one of the truly great independent Casting Directors in New York, casts talent for a incredibly wide range of projects!  Her recent campaigns include Wrigley Gum,  Blue Cross Blue Shield,  AARP,  Canon Cameras,  Disney's campaign for "Mary Poppins" on Broadway,  Norelco,  Powermat,  Orbit Gum,  Kodak and the PSA for USTA.  She is also the on-going Casting Director for the new live hybrid production "The Ride" from the creators ofBlue Man Group which launched in Manhattan in November 2010.  As for episodic TV,  Amy cast for the IFC TV series "Z Rock" and for the commercial challenges on the 2009 and 2010 season of NBC's "Apprentice" and "Celebrity Apprentice". 
 In addition, the short film "Tub", which she cast, premiered at Sundance last year and she is also the Casting Director and Co-Producer for the upcoming feature film "Father's Day" starring David Moscow.  

Here is an IMDB link,  which list more than 70 credits,  including "Something's Gotta Give: starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton:
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