Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm Starting My Writing Career!

Do I have any writers out there??

I've been writing poetry since I was a teenager. But now I'm actually going to venture into fiction writing. I just recently found a short story that I was working on a few years ago and I was like hey....that's pretty darn good!

So I'm thinking of writing short stories for Kindle, Nook, etc....I'm expecting to make enough sales to bring in some supplemental income! Have to go in with a very positive attitude!! :-)

A lot of people I've been reading about have had some success with it so why not try it.

Right now I'm compiling all of my ideas and coming up with pen names. Since I will have a business under Yolanda Allen as well as acting under that name, I will use a pen name for my fiction writing. 

The genres I'm interested in are: contemporary fiction, young adult fiction, young adult romance, romance, erotica/erotic romance, women's fiction/chic lit. I may add more in the future but these are the ones that I read the most so I know that I will be able to come up with story ideas the quickest!

I actually have two completed poetry books, not published yet, well one is published on LuLu in ebook format, but I'm currently working on writing my third book. I tried selling my first poetry book through LuLu a few years ago, I think like one person bought it, some lady I met online who was so kind to show support ha! 

Since I wasn't able to sell my poetry by itself, my idea is to take the poems that I love the most from each book and spin a story around it.

Normally when I write my poetry I write from a specific idea, a specific experience that I've had or someone I know has had, or I get my inspiration from a line from a song or a line from a movie and take that line or idea and create a poem around it. So I figured why not do that with my short stories. I take the poems, create a story inspired by the poem and then I can include the poem at the end of the short story. In a sense I'm selling both, my poems and my stories!! SMART GIRL, HUH?!! lol

SO ladies and gents, I will return and let you know how things are going...

If you are writing or decide to....please let me know....I'll support you!! :-D

Until the next time,

Stay Blessed...and Stay Tuned!

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