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Create Identity Based Habits for Success!!

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Hey Peeps!!

So today I was listening to a video on YouTube about creating winning habits to become the best you can be. If you want to be a pro athlete, or a bestselling author (raises my hand), or CEO of your own company then you have to create the type of habits that those people who have those titles would do.

You can check on the video here:

One of the guys in the video, James Clear, spoke about creating Identity Based Habits. An identity based habit is more effective than a performance or appearance based habit. Basically, if you want to achieve a goal then you must create the habits to reach that goal. Say your goal is to lose 10 pounds so that you can be more fit and healthy. What are the characteristics of a fit and healthy person? That person would most likely be someone that works out on a regular basis, consumes healthy food on a daily basis, etc.

Now in order to reach your goal of losing 10 pounds, you need to change your behavior and habits into that of a fit and healthy person, once you do that, then you will eventually achieve your ultimate goal of losing those 10 pounds. The point I'm trying to make is you must become the person you want to be before you become the person you want to be. Does that make since?

Take my situation for instance, I want to become a bestselling author. I must now adapt the behavior of a bestselling author before I even hold the title bestselling author. So I ask myself, what type of person is a bestselling author? I don't know a lot of bestselling authors personally but I would conclude that a bestselling author is someone that is disciplined, meet deadlines, produces quality work on a regular basis, looks at writing as his career and take it seriously, knows that if he doesn't write he doesn't eat, and practies his craft on a daily basis.

Now if my ultimate goal is the be a bestselling author, what habits can I start creating in my life that will get me one step closer to my ultimate goal? In order words, I have to create the habits that someone would attribute to a bestselling author.

My plan going forward:

Write daily whether I want to or not. A professional doesn't show up to work only when inspired or motivated to go to work. If that was the case they wouldn't keep the job long. If I want to get a paycheck I show up for work and work. I invest approximately 50 hours per week into someone else's dream i.e. my day job. I must invest in my dream career as much time and effort as I do in my day job if I want to eventually be my own boss and have a self-sustaining business.

Produce quality work. This comes with time and practice. The more I write the better I get. The more I learn and apply what I learn, the better I get.

Don't focus on my sales. This is a big one for me because I haven't been displaying patience with my writing career. I have been comparing myself to others that have more sales monthly than I have. I wanted instant stardom so that I could quit my day job and have more freedom. Well it doesn't work that way for everyone...for most people. So it may take me longer to quit the day job than I had hoped for but that's just a price I have to pay if I want to reach my goal and focusing on my sales and how much longer I will have to go before reaching my ultimate goal only hinders me from being productive. If I'm not productive then I will DEFINITELY not become a bestselling author. My work will eventually find an audience but if they don't have more than one book to read from me...then my chances of making this a fulltime career is slim to none.

Stop worrying about how long it's going to take. This a marathon not a sprint. I need to focus on the process and not worry about how long it's going to take to reach the finish line. God works on his own timeline not mine. So what he has for me is mine but it's up to me to remain patient with the path he has me on and not give up just because I don't think it's coming fast enough. He knows the big picture, I can only see what is currently in front of me. So I need to trust that my steps are being perfectly ordered on my path.

Continue to pray that God leds me to live out my purpose for my life. Being a bestselling author is what I desire for my life and career. But I know that whatever God has in store for me is the best for me. I will continue to pursue my career as an author giving 120% and if for some reason this was not God's ultimate plan for me, then I will at least know, I was fully committed.

Get fully committed to fulfiling your dreams. Get fully committed to creating the habits of the person that you want to become. And keep praying that God order your steps so that you can fulfill your purpose.

For more information on creating Identity Based habits, check out James Clear's website. You can download the PDF for free on his site. I think you may have to give your email address.

Until next time my loves!
Stay Blessed....Stay Tuned

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