Friday, June 14, 2013


Blog homes that is....well not entirely I'm starting a new blog on blogger but it's going to more career focused less personal.

I started this blog back in '09 and it's been all over the place to say the started out to document my journey as an actress then I started incorporating my personal life now I'm incorporating my professional journey as an author....

I haven't been doing much of acting lately since I've just been working my full-time job because that actually pays LOL but as of a few months ago I started my fiction writing journey.

I need to fully commit to writing as if it's my full-time career/business/profession not just a side hobby. I already bought a domain name so I'll probably figure out how to use a custom domain name with blogger. Cost wise this is efficient for me and blogger blogs are very user friendly and they show up high in the search results on Google.

I will still post to this blog because I have followers here....but this will be the place that I air out more personal stuff too. 

On my author's site, Author Yolanda Allen, I won't necessarily be blogging just updates on my books, things related to my genre, and things my readers would be interested in knowing. :-)

As always,
Stay Blessed...Stay Tuned

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