Monday, September 14, 2009

How To Format Your Acting Resume!!

Hey People!!

So for you guys getting started in the game like me you may have a few questions about how to properly format your resume. I like many others may have heard different things about what should, can, and must be on your resume.

Well I was reading Bonnie Gillespie's column The Actor's Voice and I found three very useful articles regarding formatting your resume and the proper language to use for each media.

I actually had my resume formatted correctly however for my film roles I realized that I didn't need to name the character just the type of role it was (which is what you will learn about in the article about "billing"). I actually had the name of the role and in parentheses I had the type of role for example Tracey (supporting).

So I've changed it now after taking Bonnie's advice. biggrin

You can view my resume here

Please take a look at Bonnie's articles on The Actor's Voice

Resume Feng Shui


Billing continued

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