Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Headshots: Expensive DOES NOT MEAN BETTER!!

I can not stress ENOUGH that as a beginner actor it is not necessary to spend A LOT of money on headshots. Spending $500 or more on headshots WILL NOT & DOES NOT guarantee that you will get called in.

You can refer back to my previous post on tips to get a marketable headshot.

Now I had always said that I would not pay more than $300 for a headshot session...since forever. My current headshots that I'm using cost me $150. I met actor Michael Ealy and asked him what he think was a good price to pay for headshots and he said $300 anything more than that was too much. Then I went to Allen Jared's Headshot Seminar and he suggested not to spend more than $300 on headshots because it's the ACTOR that is doing all the work not the PHOTOGRAPHER so if you know what you need to do to get a great headshot, i.e. a marketable headshot, then any professional photographer can take your pics!

Now I have gone to A LOT of free marketing seminars in the past few months and SO MANY people have had very different opinions about what to spend on headshots. Some would tell you you need to invest BIG BUCKS in your headshots because that means you are serious about being an actor and you are looking at this as a business blah blah blah....

BUT I'm not falling for it! ha! And according to Mark Sikes from The Casting Corner...I'm right!! He talks about Headshots in is latest blog post which you can find here.

So I'm telling you EXPENSIVE DOES NOT MEAN BETTER!! If you are just starting out....$300-400 should be your max for the headshot shoot which should include a disc with all your images & at least 2 retouched photos! If you can get a makeup artist in there too....bonus but there are up and coming makeup artists that will work for free to build their portfolios that are amazing....I met my favorite makeup artist on craigslist.org and she did my makeup in ALL my pics and in my latest headshot session FOR FREE!! (well we did become friends over the years that could be why she didn't charge me ha!)

Anyhoo, this is just my opinion!! mltan100.blogspot.com

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