Saturday, May 23, 2009


So I'm almost done with the batch of headshots that I have now and I am planning to get more done maybe in March or April next year. So I went to a headshot seminar hosted by The Network here in NY and taught by Talent Manager/Actor Allen Jared from Padua Kassel Management. He gave some great information to get a marketable headshot.

Top four things to keep in mind:

  1. Your headshot must look like you...the everyday YOU. Your makeup needs to be natural no glamour shot type photos. Don't go over board on retouching. If you have bags under your eyes and that's what the casting director will see if they saw you on a regular basis even with your makeup on...then that should be visible in your headshot. Basically don't photoshop out anything from your photo that will be there when you meet them face to face.
  2. Choose the right wardrobe. Clothes are more important than you think. Headshots are in color now so take advantage of that. Wear beautiful colors but wear the tamed version of that color; the darker, more muted version. For example, if I want to wear green I'm not going to go for lime green, or money green, I would go for hunter/forest green or an olive green. You don't want everyone to only see your clothes when they look at the photo, so bright, bright colors are a distraction.
  3. You must look engaged in your headshot; you must be "in the moment". Meaning you must have a specific, concrete thought going on in your mind when the shutter clicks. This will draw people to your headshot and help you stand out among the 100s of headshots casting directors and agencies receive on a daily basis.
  4. DO NOT PICK YOUR OWN HEADSHOT! Let someone in the industry choice your headshot. Someone like an agent, talent manager, and/or casting director. Someone whose job is to send out submissions or receive submissions. They know what kind of headshots get called in the most. Don't rely on yourself, family or friends because they are only going to pick the shot that "look the prettiest" or "the cutest" (if you are dude)
It is so much more to it then just looking good...the right type of clothing, the right type of look, and the right thoughts to think to get the "engaged" look is key to achieving a Marketable Headshot.

Allen Jared's seminar is the truth and he knows what he is talking about. He did 7 years of research to get this information. If you are interested in learning more about this Headshot Seminar then you can contact Allen at or call The Network at 212-239-3198 to see when he will have his next seminar. He said that he was trying to get it to where he would have the seminar on a more regular basis. He also offers one on one consultations to help you choose the best headshots that will get you calls!! Take advantage of this...your headshot is the first thing they make it the best!

Stay tuned...

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