Saturday, May 23, 2009

HOW TO GET A WEBSITE FOR FREE: NO HTML NEEDED want to have your own website!

Well this is the best and cheapest way to do it especially if you are like me and do not know that much about HTML. allows you to create a website for free! You can choose from 300 templates. Now this website allows you put as many pages as you want on your site. You can put a page for videos, photo gallery, message board, etc. Your domain name will be

My website was created with however I wanted a custom domain name so the best place that I have found (freewebs packages were too expensive for my taste) is 1&1 (just google them). You can register your domain name for 8.99/yr (right now they have a special the first year is only 6.99) You get an email address and up to 5 aliases with this package. For instance, your main email address could be and your alias could be

They also offer email forwarding so whatever email that comes to any email address associated with can be forwarded to your yahoo account or gmail account. You can use their mail server but I just use a gmail account that I set up just for my acting related things. They have a feature that is very beneficial, URL forwarding (Domain Forwarding). This allows people to be redirected to an existing site when they type in your domain name in the browser. So when you type in my domain name you are redirected to the site I built on

I use their Masked URL Forwarding feature so when you type in your browser you are redirected to my site however you still see in the broswer. If I didn't have masked url forwarding you would see when you are redirected.

***Having a personal website is not necessary because you can have pages on casting sites where you can post your photos, resume, and some allow videos ( allow you to post up to 3 videos and up to 3 audio clips included with your subscription some casting sites make you pay extra for media uploads).***

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