Saturday, May 23, 2009

How To Get Work As An Extra!

So since I've been out of work I've been doing a few extra very first one was a Black History Month Promo for VH1. It was great! A little tiring but at the end of the day we got paid in cash so can't beat that. I met a cool actress there too!

My next gig was for the TV Show Z-Rock. This was a real challenge because the whole 12 hours was spent outside and it was freezing....even though it was in April and the temperature was in the 60s that wind was something serious! However I picked up a few more acting friends so you can't really complain!

I just did another gig yesterday for the show The Electric Company! This was more laid back and enjoyable. I had more of a featured spot in this so I know if I saw the episode that I would definitely see me! Which is great! And I was able to finally work on the set with my friend Alby!!

I am still submitting to a lot of background work and I hope to start booking more and more....keep the cash flowing in....and you meet some really good people and learn some things about the industry that you didn't know!

One thing to expect when doing extra work....long hours...and doing the same thing over and over and over....even if they get it right they may make you do it one more time just to be on safe side!

But some people are actually professional background stars...I do not get called in enough to even think about making this a career....ha!

You can submit your headshots to background agencies and register with them. Some are free and some charge a $25-$50 fee so they can have a digital photo of you on file.

I find a lot of my background work from casting sites like and!

Anyhow if you need some extra cash please give it a try...I wouldn't do it for less than $70 unless its going to be about 4 hrs of work; but that's just my opinion!

Stay tuned...

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