Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay so I want to be in goal is to get one this year. My ideal commercial job would be one for Target!

So to prepare myself I have been taking commercial classes and meeting casting directors and agents at these seminars that they have where you pay to meet them.**

I have taken two commercial classes so far with David Cady from Donna DeSeta Casting and Angela Mickey from Liz Lewis Casting. Both were great classes well worth the money spent. At the end of each class you get to read commercial copy in front of a commercial agent. I met a commercial agent from Innovative Artists last Tuesday at the end of David's class. David said that I did very well and I felt like I did well also, so I was very proud of myself. And Monday I will get to read in front to two agents...not sure who they are yet but I think one is from The Mine Agency for sure.

In June I plan to take Barry Shapiro's Improv for Commercials intensive which is an all day event given at the Actor's Connection. Improv is very important skill to have in commercials so I figured I would pay for this one day intensive until I can get into a Improv class. Barry Shapiro is a well known name in the commercial world and I've taken a commercial intensive with him before so I'm looking forward to learning something new.

I've also been sending my headshots out to commercial print agents so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Stay tuned...

** sites to go to for seminar info

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