Saturday, May 23, 2009

Acting Success Now!

Okay I'm sure you guys have heard of the Acting Success Now seminar taught by Robert and Michelle Colt Well they offered a free one hour seminar here in NY. I went there Thursday night. I decided to go because in the ad they said that you will learn:
  1. the most powerful tools to get out of your own way
  2. how to end the fear of failure and of success
  3. how to quickly dissolve limiting beliefs
  4. how to easily raise your temperature for success
  5. the art of effortless creation
  6. the action that will give your career a quantum leap
  7. the secret to having success without suffering
and most importantly, ladies and gentlemen, how to stand out, be remembered and be the actor that's hired!

NOW who wouldn't want to learn all this wonderful information! Ok so I went expecting to get some great tools on how to increase my chances of having success, right? But when I get there I start thinking to myself, now why are these people giving away this wonderful information FOR FREE.

Long story short...nothing's for free. I left there empty-handed. Empty-handed because this one hour seminar was an introduction, sorta speak, to a 3-day seminar so they saved all the good stuff for then. They touched on the bullet points but they didn't give you the "how to". So I'm sitting there and they keep saying: "in our seminar you'll our seminar you'll learn"...and I'm we go! ha!

Their 3-day seminar is very successful and forever selling out...and I was on board until they told me the price...$695!! WHOA KEMOSABE!!

Ok... if I'm not knocking anyone for spending this amount of money for a 3-day workshop but I will have to pass. They did offer a $200 discount if you gave a deposit that if you can give a $200 discount that easily then the seminar is not really worth $695...the seminar should be $495 with a $200 discount then that would have been more resonable for my pockets...but there are people out there, obviously, paying $700 for "tools to success".

I remember Robert saying (more than once) that the bad ecomony is not affecting him and he knows poeple that the economy is not affecting...well if I was having a workshop every month or every other month in NY and LA all year long charging $700 a pop...with probably 30 people per workshop, that's $21,000 a workshop, then I wouldn't feel any effects by the economy either! Even with the discount they are still banking! I ain't mad atcha! ha!

Now what they were saying was good stuff and I don't doubt that it can be very useful if applied to your life no matter if you are an actor or not. It was just basically positive thinking on a higher level but for goodness sake...that's a very expensive workshop! You know how many classes I can take with $700?!

I will just have to depend on God to give me my tools to success....with him everything is possible! :-D

Stay tuned...

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