Thursday, September 3, 2009

I did a Short Film Today!! Hello My Creative People!!

Finally I got a chance to be back on a film set and it was great!! I worked on a student film today in Brooklyn. My friend, fellow actress/blogger, Danielle Faust, knew the filmmaker and recommended me (thanks Dani so I was happy to help him out. He's a student at NYFA named Levern Rutivi...super nice guy!!

When I tell you it's a small's a small world

Ok so I get on set and who is the other actress working with us?....the lovely Andrea Bordeaux! I learned of Andrea because her blog is on Danielle's blog roll so I started following Andrea's blog...I met Andrea for the first time at a networking event last month...then she tells me today that she met Danielle for the first time yesterday at an audition (they met through facebook)...and I find out that Andrea and Brittany (the actress/blogger that did the spotlight interview on me) are friends! GOT TO LOVE IT!!

So I was having a conversation with Andrea on the ride home about how I've been trying to get a commercial agent, I've met with at least 10 whether it was by taking one of their classes or through a meet & greet but I still have not heard from anyone. I'm in the process of doing a mailing as well. I'm not upset about it because I can't control it...I do know that I have to continue to postcard them to keep reminding them that I'm out here and brand my face in their they won't forget me.....and eventually someone will start calling me in.

Just so happen the weekly tip from Scott Powers touched on this subject and I would like to share that with you

It may be hard to believe, but at one time before there were Forums, meet-and-greets, networking events and even free Friday Lunch Bunches, actors had very little options (outside AFTRA's Open Door program) to meet an agent or casting director. They sent in their headshots/resumé from names listed in the then-called Ross Reports and hoped and waited. If they were very lucky, they got a call to come in. And if that happened, it was something to write (or call) home about.

Today, that's completely changed. Meeting an agent isn't the thrill, life-altering event it once was. Agents, casting directors, managers, etc. have never been more accessible, usually through the above venues as well as teaching classes. But, that doesn't mean that they take on more actors! They just meet more. More competition!

How do you make the most out of meeting the industry through the various ways that exist today? Keep in mind, those industry are on the "circuit." Almost every night they go to networking venues or teach a class or see a showcase. We recently had one casting director guest here. We were #2 on her list of 4 schools she was guesting at that Saturday. And then there's the weekends and the conventions. Get our drift?

How do you not get lost in the clutter?

1. Do not make the fatal assumption that just because they met you once, they are going to remember you.

2. After meeting someone, immediately the next day, send them a picture post card of thanks, reminding them where the two of you met. Don't have a picture post card of you? Get them! They become every bit as useful as your headshots.

3. Thereafter, on a monthly basis, until you die, send them a monthly picture post card bulleting what you have done to be pro-active in your career. For example, "Activity for the month of August:" Start with bookings (keep in mind not everyone has bookings every month and that's OK) and be specific. Then drop down to callbacks, then auditions, then classes, Forums, then other things you have done like getting new headshots, slimmed down, joined the unions, etc. This is a name-conscious business - we want to know who sent you out, who was the director, what was the product, were you principal?, and anything else that would add validity and increase your standing with the industry.

4. Make it a plan to see them more than once. It's been reported back to us that an agent may see somebody at a Forum and express a mild interest. Then see them again a month later at a showcase. Hmmmm, seeing them again. Finally, at another event or class - and it clicks. Like looking at a magazine ad: first time you see an ad, you look at it briefly and turn the page. The second time you see the ad, you pay more attention to it. The third time, you buy what the ad is selling. And you are the same way. It's the number of impressions that made the difference.

Keep in mind that there really is work for everyone. An agent can be very discouraging and unresponsive to your overtures today. Practice the show business mantra: "No" means "not now." Tomorrow or six months from now their world can be very different. You may have to wait things out. It could be that at one time they had too many of your types. Then some of them go out to the coast, go to another agency, leave the business, even die. Or suddenly your type becomes very popular, sometimes in response to a hit movie or TV show and they need more of your types. All of a sudden you can be getting a call, darling, please come in, how about right now.

Never let them forget about you! And in doing so, you'll maximize your investment of time and money and your career will show the results!

Stay tuned my lovely people!!

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  1. Congrats on the film. It was my pleasure to put your name in his head...but YOU booked it!!! :)