Monday, October 19, 2009

The Chief Cause Of Failure

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Okay I just wanted to share something with you guys...a message that I got from Wes Hopper ( Take from it whatever you can!

Keep believing!

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Hi Yogi

"The chief cause of failure and
unhappiness is trading what you
want most for what you want
right now."
Zig Ziglar

We're an instant gratification society
and we don't like to wait for anything.

Unfortunately most of the most
important things take time
effort. That gives us a choice.

Do I work on what will move me
toward my dream, or do I choose
the fun thing that's right in front of

When I sit down at the computer
I always have the same set of
choices. Do I check my email (again)
or read the news or get lost on
Twitter? Or do I write a newsletter,
a blog post, a chapter in my book
or a section in a new product?

How about you? What are the easy
and fun choices you make when you
could be moving toward your dream?

How much could you get done if you
turned off the TV and unhooked the
phone, and wrote out your vision in
a notebook. And then listed the first
five things to do.

And then did the first one.

Will you join me in committing to
never again trading what you want
most for what you want right now?

It will result in a miracle!


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