Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Targeting Shows

I was reading the lastest article by Bonnie Gillespie and she mentioned targeting TV shows. You can read the whole article here.

And I was just thinking...what shows do I watch on a regular basis...well all the shows that I am a true fan of are detective type shows or hospital dramas. I don't watch ANY sitcoms these days unless they are the reruns of Reba, King Of Queens, Martin & Girlfriends.

AND all the shows that I LOVE are not even filmed in NY...except for one....Law & Order: SVU.

My goal is to be a Series Regular on a TV Show but I would love for it to be a TV show that I would actually watch.

So I'm thinking, going by what I like, that I would either be playing a Medical Professional, a detective, someone with a certain skill like the guy in The Mentalist or Lie To Me...or someone in a show that deal with the supernatural...I love Sci Fi....I was a huge fan of the show Roswell.

Hopefully some of the types of shows that I like start filming in NY more or else I will have to move to Tinsel Town!

Time will

Stay Tuned....

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