Tuesday, December 22, 2009

T.W.I.Y.W (This Week In Yogi's World)

Hey Everyone....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
Not too much is going on this week....I am planning to take an Audition Technique Class in January. SO I met with the teacher Mary Boyer from MTB Studios yesterday. Wonderful personality....I found out about her from another actor. http://www.mtbstudio.com/
The class starts Jan. 11th and last for 8 weeks. I'm excited! I told my other friend about the class so hopefully there's still enough room for her to take it with me....that would be fun!! I haven't been in a class setting since May....so I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.
I also learned about an Audition Bootcamp DVD yesterday by LA Casting Director Marci Liroff. http://marciliroff.com/audition-bootcamp
This could possibly be an alternative or supplement to an Audition Technique Class. Classes can be expensive if you are on a tight budget which most actors probably are....so if you can't get into a class...I think reading a book or watching DVDs on the subject is beneficial until you can afford to take the class....
Not being able to afford to take a class should not be an excuse for not taking the initiative to learn your craft!!
Best Wishes To Everyone For A Healthy & Prosperous New Year!!


  1. So, how was the class with Mary?

  2. I really enjoyed the class with Mary and would definitely recommend it to everyone! A ton of information!!