Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I was reading the forum on the yahoo group The Hollywood Happy Hour they mentioned a website called Actor Cast. So I looked it up...here is information from their website: When you join ActorCast, you also get a “free membership” to Cast It Systems, where your profile and auditions will be searched and seen by the most influential casting directors, producers, and directors in the entertainment business. Cast It is the casting system used by all of the major casting directors, all of the feature and television studios and most independent productions to find the perfect professionals and up-and-comers for their roles, and while the Cast It database has always been maintained by the casting offices that use it, ActorCast is the only actor service that allows you to put yourself into the Cast It database.

Two affordable levels of membership.
Here’s how to get started: Simply sign up for a Basic Membership from ActorCast—which is just $10 a year— and instantly, your headshot, resume, credits and other current info will be available on the casting director’s workspace on Cast It.

To give yourself an even stronger image, a premium membership in ActorCast — just $9 per month or $100 per year — allows you to add unlimited video clips* in your profile, and you can swap out and edit as often as you like, all included in the fee.

No matter which level you choose, all ActorCast memberships allow unlimited submissions for roles that match your profile. If there are no roles that match your profile, you can always email your profile or packages to anyone at anytime. So if you feel you’re perfect for a role of project, you can let the world know it. And unlike other casting services, there are no extra fees to update your profile, photo or video clips—you can optimize your profile and information as often as you want.

You can read more about the benefits of joining this site http://www.actorcast.com/learnmore.aspx

Here's a Video Explanation of www.actorcast.com by Casting Director Marci Liroff


I am really considering joining this site especially after seeing Marci's video...I know that this site is legit!!

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