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Why Tithe? by Rev. John W. Adams

Put God first, financially, and you will always have plenty!

A person who began tithing a few years ago soon saw his income start to grow. He no longer worried about money and he did not experience financial strain or undesirable surprises. Instead, since starting to tithe, his financial surprises were good ones. He said he was surprised at how much further his money went, and tithing seems to have a rubberizing effect in that it somehow causes money to stretch.

Giving a tenth of your whole income to God's good work helps to bring rich financial increase and protect you from negative experiences. Tithing makes a "divine connection" with the Source of all wealth. It is one of the surest ways to verify within your own consciousness that God is the Source of your supply, and to establish a link with that supply itself.

Another good thing about tithing is that it helps to eliminate those negative "financial surprises" no one needs, but lots of people have because they have not linked up with the Source of all-good through tithing.

The more you consciously and financially connect with the Source, the easier life becomes with the elimination of worry over financial matters. Because you know where your supply is-within you and everywhere present---you need not look far. It is always where you are, and you know it!

Tithing helps you open your mind to rich ideas. Many people have been exceedingly prospered through tithing. For example, LeTourneau was given the idea of the huge earth-moving machines after he began to tithe. This one idea made him a multi-millionaire.

Many exceptionally wealthy people attribute their financial success to tithing. But millions of other people, like you, have discovered that through tithing they live more abundantly and all their needs are met more easily, with plenty left over.

What is a Tithe?

A tithe is ten percent of your whole income before deductions, not 1% or 5%, but 10%. Some metaphysical teachers may tell you that it is okay to start with only 1% or 5% percent and build up to 10%. However, if you are serious about truly living prosperously, and you desire for the law of increase to work fully for you, then you will boldly give your full 10% at the beginning and continue doing so. ( I personally think that if you make the conscious effort to say "Lord I want to start tithing so I am going to give 1% of my gross income but as you bless me and increase my finances I will give 10% of my income faithfully to you"...I think that you will be blessed so that you can be a blessing and give your 10% faithfully.)

Divinely guided, make a decision to change your financial status and boldly carry out that plan. As Dr. Emmet Fox wrote in The Mental Equivalent, "Change your mind and keep it changed." In reference to tithing, decide to tithe and keep doing so!

If you want the Universe to give you full measure you must give in the same way. You cannot afford to fool around with less than the full 10%. You do not want only a portion of the riches the Source has for you, but the "whole enchilada" as the saying goes. Accepting your full share takes nothing away from anyone else, and absolutely does not-cannot-deplete the Source, one iota. So do your part and God never fails to do His.

It can seem difficult to start giving 10% back to God. I struggled with that until I realized that what I had been doing wasn't working. I then made what seemed like a bold decision, at the time, to tithe the full 10%; to really put the tithing law to the test. I was amazed at how it worked!

If you have been experiencing too much financial lack, and truly want to take a positive step toward eliminating that from your life, then take the plunge. Start giving 10% of your whole income back to God, the Source of your supply, to where you are learning the prospering Truth, and keep doing so. Success doesn't come by just starting, but in continuing, although many people experience prospering miracles right away when they start to tithe.

A tithe is not a gift nor is it charity. Neither is it a reward or payment for services. Do not use your tithe to pay bills or to help relatives and friends. When you want to help others financially, give them "seed money." (See the Seed Money article.) (LINK) Do not use your tithe for anything but to further God's work on Mother Earth.

Do not wait until you fully understand the Law of Increase. In faith, begin, and the Universe will respond to your faith.

Where should you Tithe?

Give your tithe to a church or spiritual organization, minister, or other person who is directly involved in God's work. It is best to give where you are receiving your spiritual food. Do not continue to give financially to any organization with which you are no longer involved.

Support those who are feeding you spiritually, especially those from whom you learn the dynamic laws, principles and activity that empower you to increase your prosperity as well as live more healthfully and peacefully. In other words, tithe to those who help you in your spiritual growth and unfoldment by feeding you spiritually.

It is okay for you to spread your tithe around, but it is best to make your tithe checks as large as possible because this helps to create a large feeling of richness within you.

What are the Results of Tithing?

One of the unexpected benefits of tithing is that it gives you divine protection, shielding you from many of the negative aspects of life. It gives you greater wisdom to use your money more wisely.

When you tithe, you may expect to receive ten to a hundredfold increase in your supply. I don't know why that it is. It just is! One of the reasons may be, by tithing, you establish a divine partnership with the Source in which God is your senior Partner, and His resources are infinite. This activity seems to have an accumulative and multiplying effect.

You simply cannot out-give God! Try your best, but it cannot be done, and you couldn't ask for a better "financial connection." God never fails. He never has and never will. If you are not already doing so, the most advantageous thing you can do is to tithe.

A businesswoman made an agreement with God when she opened a new store. She agreed to give back to God, 10% of all she received, right off the top. From the beginning, her new business prospered-far greater than she had thought possible.

A Chiropractor and his wife, when they started out quite a number of years ago, learned the value of tithing and made a covenant to give at least 10% of their earnings back to God. They did so faithfully although at first they were challenged in getting their practice going.

Once in a while, one of them would call and ask for prayers to help them meet financial demands. When they did, I would remind them that since they were tithers, there was nothing to worry about-God would provide. He always did and continues to bless them richly and abundantly today!

A person in Illinois wrote the following to me: "About a week after using the affirmation, "Tithing from my whole income, I am now prospered, and my life is happy and complete," my husband and I got to go on an all expenses paid vacation to California. We stayed three weeks and had a delightful time. We were both unemployed at the time and hadn't tithed for about two months when we decided to start again. (An Affirmation that I like is: God is the source of my supply, so I now put God first financially. The voluntary, faithful tithing of my income now operates the law of ever-increasing prosperity for me. Yes, I now tithe my way to peace, health, and plenty)

I sent my tithe and continued to affirm that God is truly the Source of our supply and would provide His own amazing channels for our prosperity. The day I sent the tithe, my husband heard of a good paying job and two days later he got it. I will soon be employed again, too, in work I love to do. We have learned our lesson and will always tithe. It works."

Another important result of tithing is better health. This happens often because it is the natural result of being freed from worrying over a lack of money. Money worries are a leading cause of ill health. They cause fear, frustration and resentment. When you tithe, you are empowered with new freedom and peace of mind that comes in no other way.

Another benefit of tithing is the joy and happiness that come through having a more intimate relationship with God, the Source. If you sincerely desire for God to prosper you in all your undertakings, then take God as your financial Partner. Put God first, financially, and you will always have plenty.
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Copyright © 2010 - John W. Adams, Golden Key Ministry. All rights reserved. - Adapted from the book, "Seed Money In Action" by Jon P. Speller. Reprinted with permission. Golden Key Ministry - Unity is a worldwide online prayer ministry, dedicated to healing and prospering all people. Rev. John W. Adams is an ordained Unity Minister. He has dedicated his life to helping people live the healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous lives they are meant to live. Permission to reprint this article is granted provided the article is reprinted with no editing and the copyright notice is included.

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