Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My First Experience At The Apple Store! boss sent me on an errand today to the Apple Store....he needed a new firewire cable. I've never been in the Apple store so when I'm walking down the street I see this big glass square with the Apple symbol in the middle of it. I'm like..."is this the store?"

So I slow down because I see people walking up to this glass square and they enter and go down some stairs. I was this is cool! So I go down the stairs and there are mad people inside...and I locate a guy that works there. I tell him what I need, he finds it rather quickly, and I was like "ok, do I just stand here in line to check out?" He was like,  " can check you out on this mobile phone if you are using a credit card."

For some reason a big behind smile came across my face and I said, "REALLY? Wow...that's interesting!! Yes I'm using a credit card....thanks!"

I was out in about 5 minutes....I don't know why that fascinated me...but I was just so tickled by this experience..and I wanted to share ha!!

Happy Hump Day!!

Stay Blessed!!


  1. this apple site it is good site and good experience

  2. Hello. New to your Blog! Enjoying it thus far. Regarding the Apple store, that is hot! I would've had a big behind smile on my face too!!

  3. Thanks MzKRod!! I'm following you too!! Have a Happy & Healthy New Year!!